World Player Ranking

The 11v11 World Player Ranking is based on objective measures of player achievement including career honour and performance metrics.

This ranking is not based on subjective opinion or polls, but is an objective data-driven computed assessment based on actual career achievements.

Brazilians are pre-eminent, with Ronaldo, Pele and Cafu taking the top three spots.

At number 5 Lionel Messi (Argentina) is the highest still playing. Only 27 now, on current form he stands a good chance of topping a future edition of the 11v11 World Player Ranking.

Where’s my favourite star player?

Why didn’t George Best or Eric Cantona – to name just 2 absent superstars – make the ranking?

Because this ranking measures actual achievements: trophies and international appearances are what count most.

This is why some outstanding footballers, such as George Best and Eric Cantona, are absent: they won few trophies and had undistinguished international careers.

Modern football offers more chances for players to achieve, emphasizing the achievements of old-era players like Pele, Beckenbauer and Maradona who remain high up the ranking.

Which countries dominate the player rankings?

Although Brazilians take the top three spots, the nation with the most players in the top 100 is Germany with 14, followed closely by Spain and the Netherlands with 12 each. France and Brazil both have 11, Italy 9 and England just 6.

The list is dominated by South America and Europe, but Africa have 3 players (Ivory Coast’s Drogba, Etoo from Cameroon and Kanu of Nigeria), CONCACAF 2 (Landon Donovan of USA and Mexican Rafael Marquez) and Asia one (Ali Daei of Iran).