Premier and Football League player availability

The definitive listings of Premier and Football League players available who are free agents (free transfer) or transfer listed (open to offer).

Player DoB Position Weight
Previous team Details
FRA Evra, Patrice 1981-05-15 Defender/Left back 76 175 West Ham United Free Transfer
SCO Feruz, Islam 1995-09-10 Forward 63 163 Chelsea Free Transfer
ESP Gámez, Jesús 1985-04-10 Defender 70 182 Newcastle United Free Transfer
NED Gladon, Paul 1992-03-18 Forward 83 188 Wolverhampton Wanderers Free Transfer
FRA Kaboul, Younès 1986-01-04 Defender 87 190 Watford Free Transfer
IRL Mason, Joe 1991-05-13 Forward 75 175 Wolverhampton Wanderers Free Transfer
ENG Randall-Hurren, Will 1997-05-02 Midfielder 65 180 Wolverhampton Wanderers Free Transfer