Famous football players who liked to gamble

A significant number of people are placing wagers from time to time. In this sense, it is no surprise that many footballers love to gamble. Whether it is on traditional or modern platforms, some very prominent football players enjoy betting on horse races, football matches, or even spinning the roulette wheel. This post looks at prominent football players who loved to gamble.

Gianluigi Buffon

It is an open secret that Italians love to wager. Their love for wagering has resulted in many distasteful stereotypes that have not really helped their reputation. One notable Italian footballer who adores betting on sports is Gianluigi Buffon. He has even been suspected of illegal gambling activities. But, he was found not guilty, but the goalkeeper himself did not hide his love for gambling. For example, he served as an ambassador for PokerStars for some time.      

Tony Adams

Tony Adams was a key figure for London’s Arsenal of the 90s. He was a pillar in The Gunners’ defense, and many fans have fond memories of his performances. However, off-field, he was known to have a completely different side. For example, he was an alcoholic and even went to jail at some point for drinking and driving.

Arsene Wenger helped the defender break the addiction. The defender’s other passion was gambling, even though he was not a good poker player. He participated in sports betting, roulette and poker and lost a lot, meaning he needed to improve his betting strategies and systems for better results. If it were today, he would love Joe Fortune Casino, which offers top-rated roulette and poker games. Tony Adams was not good and lost most of his wagers. Upon retirement, he opened a clinic to help rehabilitate alcohol and gambling addiction.

Wayne Rooney

Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs in Britain and globally. It also treats its players well, offering them enormous fees for their services to the club. The size of the club as a global brand has attracted sponsorship from companies such as Team Viewer which has boosted the club’s fortunes. One of the greatest players of the club is Wayne Rooney. Apart from his heroic performances on the pitch, Rooney is also known for his gambling activities.

For example, in 2008, he lost 65000 pounds in poker in just two hours. After that, he flew with the England national team from Minsk to Manchester and went to a next-door venue. He also wagered at maximum rates in blackjack. But, he almost lost constantly. Rooney lost his salary within days, but his gambling activities earned him a place among the top five gamblers and footballers who love wagering on card games.

David Bentley

Bentley started his career at Arsenal and later featured for several British clubs. He also played for one season for the Russian Premier League club Rostov. He was passionate about the game and was also passionate about gambling.

He even confessed that he placed his first wager aged 14. As his football career grew, he used his growing income to wager on poker, baccarat, blackjack, and horse racing. His interest in pro-gambling ended up being an addiction. Luckily, his girlfriend helped him overcome the problem.

Roy Carroll

Goalkeeper Roy Carrol joined Manchester United from Wigan in 2001. However, he did not establish himself as the number one goalie for the Red Devils thanks to the in-from Fabien Barthez. Probably this is when he discovered his love for gambling.

He gambled a lot and wanted to become a prominent European poker player with little success. After an unsuccessful time at Old Trafford, he joined West Ham, where he continued drinking a lot. Moreover, he loved horse racing, the lottery, and sportsbooks.

Mario Balotelli 

Mario Balotelli, a controversial Italian striker, is another footballer who loves gambling. He is known to play best online slots and pokies offered on online casinos. There are reports that he has been spotted in various casinos in Italy. 

For instance, Balotelli is said to have spent 200,000 USD on gambling in one year. That’s a massive amount of money! Nonetheless, that’s how much Mario Balotelli loves to gamble. 


Brazilian superstar Neymar is also another famous footballer who loves gambling. He will be representing his country in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar later this year. It is said that he prefers poker, slots, and bingo. His gambling activities have spread the gambling fever among young footballers who look up to him. Neymar is also a big fan of fancy cars. He posts photos of himself and his car collection on his social media pages.

Final Thoughts

Many prominent footballers love gambling. The big stars enjoy having a jolly time in different establishments. It is no surprise as the core of every sport is competition. This explains why some of the best footballers love to enjoy themselves in gaming clubs and casinos.

Famous football players who liked to gamble

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