Five football clubs with betting & casino company sponsorship

With football’s huge influence and followership, it is no surprise that the big betting corporations are struggling to be involved, one way or another. A feature that has become common sight is these famous gambling companies reach a sponsorship agreement with a soccer club. The story is the same, from the Premier League in England to La Liga in Spain.

Most clubs competing in the EPL are backed by an internet casino, proudly adorning the logo on the jersey’s fronts. These deals are highly profitable. This article discusses the reasons for these partnerships, particularly what the companies stand to get. In addition, a look at the five top teams that are the biggest beneficiaries of this synergy is offered. You will be also presented with the benefits of an arrangement between operators and the football teams. 

Teams with jersey sponsorships in the EPL for the 2022/2023 Season

ClubsCompanyAmount generated (million British Pounds)
Manchester CityEtihad67.5
Manchester UnitedTeamViewer47
Tottenham HotspurAIA40
Chelsea FCThree40
Arsenal FCEmirates40
Liverpool FCStandard Chartered32
West Ham UnitedBetway10
Everton FCCazoo10
Wolverhampton Wanderers FCManBetX8
Crystal PalaceW886.5
Newcastle UnitedFun886.5
Aston VillaCazoo6
Leeds UnitedSBOTOP6

Why gambling companies sponsor and invest in football teams

The synergy between the gambling operators and soccer teams is higher with online sportsbooks. Away from England, Greece has had a share of such contracts. AEK Athens, a one-time winner of the UCL, wears the Stoixima title on their sports jerseys. In the La Liga, the multi-winner of the UCL, Real Madrid, once had a deal with Bwin.

More examples are found in England’s division two league, where jersey contracts with betting businesses. While the Championship does not have many TV rights like the EPL, teams vying here seek revenue from alternative measures.

Due to the closeness of Ireland to England, it is not uncommon to find top gaming sites trying to benefit from such agreements. The reviews provide the analysis on the best online casino Ireland, where the experts usually highlight the most reliable sites for gambling and betting. A lot of the names from the list are known to be famous football betting sponsors.

The presence of these businesses in the league seems to tap the potential of football lovers who like to wager. It is now almost confirmed that the fans of such clubs are hugely pressured to patronize a particular bookmaker just by continuously seeing the name. 

Clubs that got the most money from gambling sponsors

Most sites have now received huge patronage, thanks to such deals. It is not uncommon to find some online casinos that also display a sports bets section. The most sensible idea is to choose the best online pokies and slots in the reviews from the top experts, since they only provide the analysis of the most trustworthy and secure sites.

As for the popular football teams that benefit from such partnerships, here they are:

Real Madrid

The relationship between Real Madrid and sportsbooks has been on for a long time. From Bwin, who partnered with the team between 2007 and 2013, the 14-time UCL winner is backed by not just one betting corporation. Real Madrid is, by all parameters, a highly successful club, being highly influential in the making of the legendary player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fonbet, a reputable bookmaker based in Russia, is a frontrunner in such contracts. The firm was established in 1994, this bookmaker has several ads with targeted betting markets, odds, and promos on social media. Codere and Sportybet are other operators which also partnered with the club.

AC Milan

In Italy, the story is no different. The top team, AC Milan, a past UCL, Serie A, and several championships winner, is next on the list. Due to its vast fanbase, gambling partners have patronized the club.

Like Real Madrid, this team currently has an agreement with many businesses. Big iGaming brand Premier Bet is the official betting partner of the team. The corporation has been looking to break into the African market and believes it is possible with the deal. It is also headlined with other notable firms like Fonbet, HappyBet, etc.

Manchester City

Manchester City is no stranger to the vast patronage of gambling businesses. The reigning EPL winner has a sponsorship contract with two well-known betting iGaming sites. In addition to 8XBet, one of the popular bookmakers in Asia, Man City is also championed by MarathonBet.

8XBet has dealt with several football clubs and provides special rewards, bonuses, and promotions with an inscription of the team.


Although Everton is a mid-range EPL team, it also benefits from sponsorships with betting companies. The club now has a deal with, an internet gaming and sportsbook site with huge crypto interests. The contract, worth £10 million yearly, will see more targeted ads involving the players across various geographical locations.

West Ham United

West Ham is no stranger to sponsorship by a gambling company. This EPL team is one of the clubs wearing the logo of its official sponsor on their jerseys, Betway. While the team is not considered a title contender, it is a persistent headache for top clubs in the EPL that has earned it a loyal fanbase.

The deal with Betway has been ongoing since 2015 and is expected to continue for a long time. Among all the agreements with partners, this contract with this iGaming site seems to bring more revenue for the club.

Future of gambling and betting in football. What are the perspectives?

With the huge benefits enjoyed by football teams and betting businesses, it is still uncertain what the future tells for the partnership. However, the introduction of technology and data analysis has been able to present projections based on current growth seen with the influence of gambling on football. The globalization of sports has brought added exposure to the game of football. Clubs can comfortably increase budgets and make future bids for players based on the growing influence and financial commitment of gambling brands.

Five football clubs with betting & casino company sponsorship

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