Manchester United wins four times in a row showing Erik ten Hag’s huge impact on the team

As one of the best football teams in the history of football, Manchester United had been in the spotlight for the past several years, but not always because of their competence in football.

Even though they are one of the best football clubs in the world they had fallen on hard times and were constantly changing coaches to no avail. The newest addition to Manchester United, their coach Erik ten Hag seems to have found a formula that works for the team.

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Has Manchester United finally hit a streak of luck?

With Erik ten Hag, the club seems to be either on a lucky winning streak or at the beginning of a new era for the once world-renowned football legends.

The 3-1 win over Arsenal is only the latest in the series of wins, Manchester has lately managed to score. Not only is this another win for Manchester United, but this is the first loss in the season for the Arsenal Gunners, which is an accomplishment for Man Utd itself.

Following his transfer from Ajax, Anthony scored his first goal for Manchester United, in his first game for the club. This greatly contributed to the fourth victory in a row for the Red Devils. There are clear signs that Eric ten Hag is positively influencing the club overall.

Marcus Rashford managed to score two goals later in the game, directly cancelling the goal scored by Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka.

It’s safe to say that Manchester United have gone a long way with Erik ten Hag as the steward of the club. Hardly anyone expected Manchester United to go on a winning streak after having been defeated by Brentford with an astounding 4-0.

Furthermore, it’s even harder to imagine that Manchester United is moving closer and closer to Manchester City, who were and still are most likely to win the Premier League. Luckily, Erik ten Hag has made some masterful transfer moves.

However, the future is still uncertain for Manchester United. They have a long way to go if they are to catch up to the Premier League’s top teams, but the effort is here. Consecutive wins are happening for the first time after April 2021.

Can new transfers help the club rise?

Anthony goal against Arsenal In his first ever game for the Red Devils is a great start for Manchester United’s new transfer, and maybe the club’s new hope.

It seems that Erik ten Hag’s transfers are paying off in the short term but remains to be seen whether the same can be said in the long term. It’s either a lucky strike or a new era in the making.

Still, according to Erik ten Hag himself, Manchester United has a long way to go if they are to compete against the very best in the Premier League, including for the title itself. As Erik ten Hag said in his press conference, Manchester United is still at the start of a long process.

It’s worth noting that so far the moves Erik ten Hag has made seem to have helped Manchester United steer into clearer waters, at least for the time being. And according to Erik himself, Manchester United needs to start doing things better than they are currently.

The signing of Anthony from Ajax for a whooping €100 million has left Erik ten Hag unable to strengthen two of Manchester United’s key positions. As this is a record sale for and buy, Erik will be unable to make more transfers until later. However, If the current streak is anything to go by, it seems like Erik ten Hag may be onto something, and it could greatly benefit the club.

Manchester United wins four times in a row showing Erik ten Hag’s huge impact on the team

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