Which sport has the best mascot?

Mascots come in a range of different forms: Lions and tigers… giant chickens, yes giant chickens. You name it; they probably have a mascot for it. Donning fuzzy uniforms and giants shoes are the characteristic that makes and symbolises the teams within each respected sport.

But there have been some amazing mascots to grace our sports and believe it or not these mascots can actually impact a game in regards to spurring the fans and the team on; they can ignite the home crowd whilst simultaneously agitating the opposing players.

However sometimes, the power rankings between mascots can vary; there is a clear indication of whom the awesome mascots opposed to the awful ones, but most of the time its dependent upon the eye of the beholder, so let’s have a look at the best mascot from several sports:

Benny the Bull / Chicago Bulls – Basketball

Well it’s safe to say that this is one crazy individual and is a mascot pioneer of sorts; when he debuted for the Bulls in the 60’s, he was actually the first NBA mascot to ‘roam the side lines’ so you know that he got up to a lot of mischievous activities. Benny is somewhat of a showman, performing at a 150 events a year. He provides audiences with excellent trick shots, pre-shows dances, dress ups (yes that’s possible for a mascot) and super dance moves to get the home crowd entertained.

Fredbird / St. Louis Cardinals – Baseball

The mascot was given a ‘life-long’ contract after proving to be so popular with the fans. He is a massive crowd pleasure and when the club is the model of consistency, the mascot replicates that. Beyond your generic crowd pleasing, FredBird does his signature beaking and even engulfs the fan’s head for the memorable photo. Probably one of the most eccentric mascots on the list

Ragnar the Viking /Minnesota Vikings – American Football

Now what’s impressive with Ragnar is that he’s the only ‘human’ mascot in professional sports. Non-costumes mascots have been phased out from sports because they tend to be unnerving and weird, yet this guy is rocking around at the Viking’s stadium keeping the fans engaged within the game.

Bertie Bee / Burnley – Football/Soccer

The reason why Bertie Bee is on this list is simply because he a bit of a hero. His actions have gone down as one of the most memorable mascot moments of all time. Mr. Bertie managed to stop a streaker during a match against Preston North End in 2000. Not only did he spear the streaker to the ground, he also celebrated in front of the crowd straight after… talk about a crowd pleaser.

Bailey / LA Kings – Ice Hockey

Having won the ‘Most Awesome Mascot’ award, Baily needs to be on this list. In recent years, he’s gained a well-earned reputation as a mischievous character having made headlines for his shenanigans on more than one occasion. He has mocked players who were battling the mumps, created feuds with WWE wrestlers and even started twitter wars! Bailey’s antagonistic personality is what elevates to the next level of mascoting and can be a really entertaining character.

Which sport has the best mascot?

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