Teams to Watch Out for in the FA Cup 3rd Round

The draw for the third round of the FA Cup is one of the most highly anticipated events in the football calendar. With the biggest teams entering the competition, both lower league and non-league clubs and players will have the chance to face some of the best players around the globe at some of the nation’s largest, and most awe-inspiring stadiums. 64 balls will enter the draw for the 32 fixtures, and there are 10 second round ties still to be decided. This draw will take place on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of January, and it is something many people are looking forward to in impatient excitement.

The third-round is when Premier League and Championship clubs enter the competition, and the draw could see Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United face one of eight non-league teams, five of which are guaranteed. These are some of the biggest, and most impressive, teams to watch out for during this round’s draw, and you want to keep your eyes open for the teams they may play against.


Another team looking to come in during the Premier League is Arsenal, and this Highbury-based club has won 12 FA Cups, a joint-record. In addition, they hold 13 league titles, two league cups, 14 FA community shields, one UEFA cup winner’s cup, and one inter-cities fairs cup. All of this makes them a force to the reckoned with and a team you should not take your eyes off of during the FA 3rd round draw. When you want to make big money, it is smarter to bet on the reliable teams that have proven over-and-over again to be the best at what they do. They are absolutely a team to look out for during the third round draw, and Premier League betting has only just begun to take off.


The Chelsea Football Club is based in Fulham, London, and was founded more than 100 years ago in 1905. First seeing major success in 1955, Chelsea is now a team that sees win-after-win, and will have a lot to show their fans during the third round of the FA. Since 1997 alone, this brilliant team has successfully won more than 20 trophies, a feat that is extremely difficult to achieve. They are also the only London club to have won the UEFA Champion’s League, and the only British club to have won all three main UEFA club competitions.

Manchester United

Finally, you need to keep your eyes open for Manchester United, an Old Trafford-based team nicknamed ‘the Red Devils.’ Founded in 1878, Manchester United has proven itself to be a formidable foe, with more than 20 league titles, a joint-record 12 FA cups, four league cups, and a record 21 FA community shields. Their awards do not stop there, making them one of the biggest teams to enter the Premier League and a team you absolutely must pay attention to during the 3rd round. No matter which team you root for, this round will surely prove to be spectacular.

Teams to Watch Out for in the FA Cup 3rd Round

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