How footy fans can still get their fix during lockdown

The absence of live sport is, of course, a consequence of the current pandemic which has affected the whole globe and thus the whole sporting calendar.

Bettors have turned to playing on US online casinos with the postponement of Euro 2020 to the suspension of the Olympic Games, but just what else can sports fans do or watch to help them get over the lack of entertainment?

Sporting documentaries on Netflix & Amazon Prime

As close to the real thing as possible – as it has actually happened – sporting documentaries are there to educate and entertain. From documentaries as wide-ranging as football’s Sunderland ‘Til I Die and Formula 1’s Drive to Survive, there are hours of untapped resources at the end of a television remote or computer/smartphone button that can change your entire viewpoint on a particular sport or club.

For any football fan, the former is a must-watch as Sunderland take to their first season in League One which includes two trips to Wembley, though that does go awry as viewers will witness.

BBC iPlayer

The World Cup is football’s most prestigious international competition. So, just who wouldn’t want to watch a rerun of one of just some of the classics that have taken place over the years? Such examples include Scotland v Holland of 1978 and USA v Portugal in 2002. Okay you may not be able to place a bet on Paripop, but the goosebumps these games create will leave you wanting to watch more.

Other sporting examples include the Rugby League Challenge Cup flashbacks, the best of Ski Sunday and even F1’s greatest rivalries of Hunt v Lauda. Match of the Day classics from over the years also showcase some of the best weekend Premier League and First Division games that have been broadcast on our screens in recent decades.

ITV hub

The ITV hub plays host to a plethora of recent sporting events ranging from the coverage of horse racing for all its major meets to the likes of Football’s Foreign Legion – where Britain reluctantly opened its shores to foreign footballers – and All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – providing action from the All Elite Wrestling competition featuring some of wrestling’s biggest stars.

One for the football fans to look out for too: When English Football Ruled Europe, a two-part series recording English football’s hegemony in Europe in the 1980s with Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest showcased alongside Liverpool and Aston Villa.

Sporting apps

The likes of ESPN and Sky Sports continue to churn out news pieces, podcasts and entertaining flashback games that sporting fans can look out for. You can also watch live sports – when they are actually on – with ESPN+ providing subscription-only access to documentaries.

Sky Sports too features lighthearted content including the “Premier League’s best front four” as well as historic competitions such as the Premier League’s greatest goals. You can also keep up-to-date with all the latest betting offers, including the planned UFC fights scheduled for the next few months.

How footy fans can still get their fix during lockdown

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