Must have apps for sports fans

With the sporting world slowly resuming, most fans are still getting their sporting fix through other unconventional methods.

Sports fans can keep up-to-date with the latest news via apps as well as continuing to monitor odds across online casino sites for potential competitions later in the year once everything gets back to relative normality.

And, when the seasons do inevitably get back to normal somewhere down the line, these apps will continue to aid sports fans in their bid to obtain news, lineups and betting markets.

Sky Sports

The powerhouse Sky still continues to churn out news on a daily basis, with the likes of podcasts and 24/7 stories. It’s also interesting to see that Sky Sports are trying to take a casual and lighthearted approach to their videos with competitions such as “the best Premier League Front Four” alongside the more serious issues concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

Keeping people’s spirits up in such a time is incredibly important and Sky appears to be hitting the right note.


Of course with most of the footballing world under current wraps, Livescore is not exactly playing a major role at present. Yet, with the Belarusian, Nicaraguan and Tajikistani leagues still continuing their seasons, Livescore too continues to operate, giving football fans the chance to see regular updates from some of the most obscure leagues as well as oversee just where a potential bet may be placed.

And, once the seasons resume, Livescore will certainly come in handy for monitoring a matchday in competitions like the Premier League and Champions League.


With regular offers in play and a plethora of accumulator features, Ladbrokes is a haven for the sports bettor. Plus, once full-time has come, the user can choose from a huge list of betting and real money casinos, more importantly, from the comfort of their own home. Easy to use and always promoting a free bet offer, Ladbrokes certainly gets it right.

Yahoo Sports

The Yahoo Sports app provides users with a great experience. A clean interface and simple to use, the app is every user’s dream. A Home tab provides a place where you can follow your favourite teams, take notice of their upcoming fixtures and scores as well as monitor the latest news.

The Scores and Watch tabs are available for perusing the latest scores as well as viewing original content and live sports – when they are, of course, available. The Stories tab enables users to also view Instagram-inspired stories about sports.

The Athletic

Relatively new to the scene, The Athletic has taken the sporting world by storm, recruiting brilliant journalists to cover specific clubs for a multitude of sports. Though a subscription only news outlet, it is an advertisement-free app that brings readers to the heart of content. Incredibly original too, The Athletic is changing how news is being projected.

Must have apps for sports fans

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