Factors to consider before betting on a football match

How do some bettors manage to pick their phones or sit in front of their PCs, and after scrolling through for like 30 minutes, they come up with a list of games they intend betting on.

Like seriously, is it that easy to select banker bets in football? Well, I guess that explains why over 70% of all the bets staked by punters on football in 2019 alone wound up as losing bets.

Betting on football is no small task. Far from it! You cannot expect to dig deep into the details of every match you intend to bet on within a few minutes. You simply cannot because there are just too many factors you need to consider. And if you’re going to analyze these factors one at a time, then we’re talking about spending hours, if not days, in front of your desktop or smartphone.

That said, here are some of the most important factors you need to look out for before going to a site like đặt cược bong88 to bet on a football match.

Current Form

Football is a game of form and momentum. A fact that explains why a team that’s on a remarkable run of wins would be tough for anyone to beat. Before you go ahead to decide on how you would like to bet on a team, the first thing you want to check out is the form of that team. And that’s not exclusive to the small or weak teams only. Instead, it’s also applicable to the so-called big teams. 

Usually, the best indicator of a team’s form is its position on the domestic league table. So you need to look for facts such as where they are on the log, what their last five results are like, and how they’ve been playing recently (i.e., have they been grinding out results, struggling to snatch a draw, or blowing teams away).

Once you’ve looked through the league form, you should also check out their cup form, that is, how they’ve been doing in both domestic and continental tournaments.

By the time you’re done analyzing all of these, you should have a good hint of the most in-form teams. Usually, there aren’t too many of them every week.

Head to Head records

Although most punters don’t really take the H2H records of teams seriously, I personally believe it is the most important factor in football betting. Football is a game of pride and emotions, and sometimes a team that’s on a very poor run can stun a team that’s been on a remarkable run simply because there’s been a long history of distastes between them.

So when betting on a game, it is important that you take a look at the history of the fixture. Ask yourself questions like, “what was the outcome of this same game last season, how has team A fared in this fixture in the last five years, who’s always had the upper hand in this fixture, if this game is played ten times a year, who’s likely to win it most.” H2H gives you an insight into how each team fares in that particular fixture.

For instance, for more than ten years, between 2007 and 2018, Barcelona struggled to beat lowly Real Sociedad at the Anoeta stadium. Only to finally break the hoodoo in 2018. Prior to that time, it didn’t matter what form Barcelona and Real Sociedad were in; Real Sociedad would always pick up a win or at least a draw against the Catalan giants.

Styles of play

The brand of football being played by the two competing teams can also be worth looking at. For instance, history has shown us that a team that plays “a possessive, tiki-taka” brand of football is more likely to struggle against a team that “parks the bus.” While a team that loves to play “a high-line and an aggressive” brand of football is always going to be caught out by “a counter-attacking team.”

Home & Away records

It is no secret that football teams tend to be at their best when they are at home, that is, in their stadium. So before you rush into deciding whether to back Chelsea for the win in a match against Leicester City, do well to check whose stadium is hosting the game. If Leicester City, then the chances are that they might put up a good fight and probably stun the favorite, Chelsea.

Also, it is important to take a look at a given team’s history in a particular stadium. For instance, for the past fourteen years and still counting, Arsenal hasn’t won a single Premier game away at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium. So if you want to play a bet on a match between the two that’s going to be played at the Old Trafford, you can bet with confidence on a Man Utd win or draw, because this trend is not likely to end soon.


I know you are no weatherman, but please always consider the weather. Most punters don’t, and guess what? They get stunned by the weather. Football, to a great extent, depends so much on the prevailing weather condition. Is it snowy or windy, sunny or rainy, harsh or cool, the nature of the weather can determine how the players perform, how the fans support their teams, how the ball flows on the ground, amid several other things?

High wind, for instance, can benefit those teams that like to keep the ball on the ground, but be a hindrance to the long ball teams.

For the benefits of those who may want to bet on games not happening around them, you can follow this link to check the global weather forecast for the country in which the game you want to bet on will be played.


The schedule of a team is another important factor you want to consider. A busy schedule, for instance, can push players’ endurance to the limits. It can tire them out and even lead to injuries. For this reason, you’ll often see a team’s results suffer if they have to play a lot of games in a short period of time.

So before you bet on a team or decide to include them in your parlay, please be sure to check what their past and future schedules are like. If they’ve had a packed schedule prior to a match, chances are they might not be at their best at that match and may end up losing or drawing the game. Or if they have a tight schedule ahead, they may decide to rest some of their key players, thereby fielding a weaker team against their immediate opponent.

Factors to consider before betting on a football match

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