Why FIFA video games are so popular

Fans of football are among some of the most dedicated in the world, with teams all across the globe. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) captivates audiences everywhere through live games and the officially licensed FIFA series through EA Sports.

FIFA games are available across all consoles and game server hosting sites with continual updates year after year. Curious about why these games are so popular? The delight of FIFA comes from several factors – let’s break them down. 

Worldwide phenomenon 

Certain sports have niche audiences in specific countries. Hockey has an audience in Canada, Russia, and the U.S. However, football has global appeal.

The sport is exciting for a few reasons. Even the best strategies rarely result in a “blowout” game where one team ruthlessly scores again and again. Instead, both teams put forth effort, strategy, and teamwork. Building a legacy on the field requires deep commitment from players who are backed by loyal fans, all who feel like they get to be part of their country’s legacy.

FIFA video games understand and reflect these values. Skillful players are able to dominate no matter the team, and newcomers can learn quickly and adapt. It is a universal sport that has become a best-selling phenomenon in the gaming industry, with the help of the global audience from the actual sport. 

Fit for all audiences 

EA Sports has designed a game where both casual and “hardcore” audiences can feel comfortable. Many players attest to the addictive nature of the game, and feel it has encapsulated the excitement of live play. There are multiple gameplay options with Ultimate Team support. Players can tweak difficulty levels and adjust opponents across sliders. Sliders allow you to change goalie levels and more. 


FIFA as a video game makes football more accessible to all skill levels and ages. People can really get the most out of this game to either improve and become dynamite players, while others can learn the ins and outs of the sport.

Games are also available around the world so they are very accessible no matter where you live or what type of console you use. It’s possible to play FIFA on your own server, which many players recommend because you get to make your own specifications to the game.  

Play year round 

On the topic of accessibility, there is no “off-season” in these games. Even if your favorite professional team is not playing, you can play with them virtually. This allows you to connect and engage with your favorite sport, no matter the time of year or what season it is. 

Connect with other fans 

As mentioned, football fans are some of the most dedicated in the world. Every four years, this fan base takes center stage with the World Cup to show the unrivaled dedication they have for football. FIFA helps to keep that connection going anytime and anyplace.

Whether you are battling a rival team or connecting with a fellow fan on the other side of the world, FIFA helps build connections within a sport that thrives on community. The online multiplayer setup found through game server hosting is perfect for fans and players seeking other spirited players to learn from and challenge. 

See for yourself

The best way to see how FIFA video games bring football directly to you is to try the series out on a server. There are currently over twenty iterations of FIFA on the game market available across fourteen console types. Join the community and expand your love for football outside of physical play to include this strategic and dynamic game! 

Why FIFA video games are so popular

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