5 unique gifts for the football fan in your life

With the holidays right around the corner, finding the perfect gift for the football fan in your life might be a daunting task. You can only give someone so much traditional merchandise until you run out of ideas. Instead of wading through a sea of football jerseys or posters, looking into something more unique is a great alternative. Sites like https://awesomestuff365.com/ have great options no matter how eccentric you want to be with your gift giving this year.

Giant inflatable football dartboard 

Yes, you read that right – a giant inflatable football dartboard. This is the ultimate alternative to setting up a regular net in the backyard, mixing football with darts in a game that is fun for everyone.

The giant inflatable football dartboard also comes with special footballs that have fasteners specifically designed so they stick to the dartboard. This isn’t just a new way to play football, but it’s an easier one as well. By utilizing the design of a dartboard, any wayward balls will be easy to retrieve. No one will have to worry about running to the neighbors backyard every time someone misses their intended target.

Giant football

In a similar vein, a giant football puts a fun and unexpected twist on a traditional football themed gift. This is a great gift idea for the football fan in your life that also happens to have children. A giant, inflatable ball allows for children of all ages to play without worrying about someone kicking a traditional football too hard, which could cause someone to get hurt.

A giant football, on the other hand, is a more family-friendly way to enjoy a game of footie in the backyard.

Under the weather pop-up sports pods

If the football fan you’re shopping for never misses a match, an outdoor pop-up sports pod is the perfect gift for ensuring that the weather won’t ruin a match ever again.

Using an umbrella might seem more obvious, but they do come with negatives. An umbrella only covers your head, leaving the rest of you to combat the elements. You also have to constantly hold it, which can interfere with cheering for your team.

A pop-up sports pod fixes both of those issues – it encloses your entire body, serving as a cozy solution to watching a football match in the wind and rain. 

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker system

If the football fan in your life is someone who prefers to watch the match at home, an outdoor Bluetooth speaker system is a great gift idea for the holidays.

Instead of watching the match in a cramped living room, a Bluetooth speaker system enables a true football fan to watch while lounging outside. The Bluetooth system is also waterproof, so your football fan can watch the match poolside or at the beach. 

Heated smart top

If the skies are clear but the temperature is dropping, a heated smart top is a great alternative to piling on jumpers or bringing piles of bulky blankets to the match. Even if the match goes into overtime, a smart top will keep the person wearing it warm and cozy no matter the weather.

All in all, there are many unique options when it comes to shopping for the footie fan in your life. No matter how eccentric or unique you want to be with your gift giving, there’s always something to choose from. Any fan would be more than happy (and surprised) to receive a truly unique gift like the ones listed above. By choosing any of the options above, your gift is guaranteed to truly be a one of a kind.

5 unique gifts for the football fan in your life

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