5 must-haves for entertaining friends in your kitchen

It’s that time of the year – soccer season. No matter the club you support, you probably have friends come over to watch their favourite teams slug it out over the weekend at your place. With that comes the expectation that you entertain your guests during and after the games.

In recent years, the kitchen has become the central point of entertainment in the home, with the kitchen island playing a prominent role in that renaissance. Fitting up your kitchen into an entertaining space that would make your friends green with envy is one of the best investments you can make in your home.

To do this for game days, you need to ensure you include these five must-haves.

#1. A free-standing kitchen island

A free-standing kitchen island is a must-have if you plan to entertain friends during and after match. It’s a great place to spread out the meals and snacks, but it also allows for interactions to happen naturally as people gather around.

You can also fit custom cabinets and a beautiful natural stone counter-top on your kitchen island. This will turn your kitchen into a work of art, especially if you pick the right colours.

#2. A stainless deep sink

With loads of visitors comes heaping piles of dirty dishes. This is why you need a deep stainless steel under-mount sink. These sinks not only can comfortably take in all the dishes you need to clean, but they also fit in with the counter-top, increasing the overall beauty of your kitchen.

To ensure you get the best out of your under-mount sink, ensure you get a functional but well designed kitchen faucet. When browsing the best kitchen faucets for 2020, you need to ensure the dimensions fit your sink. You also should be looking out for the warranty period.

#3. A built-in roomy refrigerator

Drinks and food are essential if you plan to be a great host. A modern roomy refrigerator takes your entertaining skills up to a notch most people can only dream to reach. You have the storage space for beverages, and room to stock up on steak and finger foods.

Your refrigerator also adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen, especially if you fit the doors with the same sort of cabinetry as the rest of the kitchen. Pulling this off can turn your kitchen into a really stylish place for relaxation, instead of just a place for cooking.

#4. Great lighting

If you plan for your kitchen to become the center of entertainment in your home, you need to get the lighting right. Avoid creating a hospital like atmosphere by installing fluorescent lighting. This can be harsh and leave your guests feeling uncomfortable.

You should instead explore getting softer lighting for your ceiling and under cabinet lights. Softer lights accentuate the beauty of your customized wooden cabinets and natural stone counter-tops. They also make the kitchen feel comfortable to relax in due to the soft glow. Paired with some comfortable chairs, your guests will really feel like sitting back.

#5. Potted plants

Potted plants not only make you look like some contemporary best-selling author; the right plant can also act as a natural air purifier. Your friends won’t understand why their migraines seem to reduce once they step into your kitchen.

Final thoughts

By now, you should be clear on what you need to do to turn your kitchen into a modern entertainment space. These options are pretty easy to find and install, and you shouldn’t have a problem working with a limited budget.

5 must-haves for entertaining friends in your kitchen

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