Top tips for attending a football match live

You may be an expert at viewing Premier League football matches from home on the television, but attending in person is another story entirely. In order to make the best out of your time, it is essential to be aware of some of the best advice for attending these matches. Here are 3 tips on how to witness a match and have a good time.

1. Visit a supporters pub before or after the match

One of the best ways to take in the whole event is to visit a pub before or after the game. Find one that supports who you are rooting for and enjoy a pint with fellow football fans. There are dozens of pubs surrounding most stadiums that are supporters pubs planning on attracting those football fans who have arrived early or stayed late for the match.

Visiting a supporters pub is a great way to meet people, get excited for the match, and enjoy some good food and drink before the match starts. Go with friends to catch up and talk about the season before witnessing a match first hand.

2. Protect your valuables

Football matches are incredibly popular places for pick pocketing. There are thousands of fans showing up to watch the game, which makes it easy for thieves to get lost in the crowd. In addition to thieves, there are plenty of places to set down a wallet or drop a credit card and forget to pick it back up. This is why it is important to remember to watch your personal belongings so that they don’t go missing.

Many sports fans opt for the new smart wallet, which allows you to track the location of a missing wallet. Others try keeping a zipped shoulder bag or a front pocket for their phone or wallet. Be sure not to leave your phone, wallet, or camera hanging out of a back pocket or open bag.

3. Plan your way there

On the day of the match, traffic will likely be heavier than usual in the area. There will also be less parking available, and more chaos on the streets. If you hope to get where you are going on time, plan a route beforehand. This way you won’t end up taking a wrong turn that leads you to an extra thirty minutes in traffic.

Many fans opt to take a black cab to avoid costly and time consuming parking. This can also mean you don’t have to walk from parking to the stadium, and can be dropped off closer to where you can walk inside. Depending on the stadium, many tube stations are also located near the venue. Whether you choose to take a car, bus, tube, or taxicab to the arena, be sure to plan your route early so that you get there on time.

The bottom line

Getting to go to a football match in person is an electric feeling. It can be incredibly exhilarating to see your favorite players show their skills on the pitch. If you know all the best tips for attending these matches, it can help you save time and money as well as make the best out of your experience.

While you want to relax and have a good time, a little prep before the match can help you enjoy it even more. Look up local supporter pubs, take precautions for theft and lost belongings, and plan your route beforehand. Doing these things can turn you from a newbie to a pro and help you to have a more exciting, relaxing, and fun day of watching football.

Top tips for attending a football match live

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