The ultimate to-do list for new football fans

There are an estimated 3.5 billion football fans worldwide, making it the most popular sport to have ever existed. So naturally, new fans – young and old – join this global fanbase every year. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are, or how much existing knowledge you have about football; anyone can become a football fan.

As a new fan of the sport, you’ll have a lot to learn. So, to help you with this, here’s a to-do list that will ensure you quickly become a footballing expert.

Download football games

Right now, there are a ton of popular football games you can choose from, including FIFA 21 and FIFA Football. It’s worth playing these games so that you can learn more about the ins and outs of football and the different leagues and teams there are.

In addition to football, you can also play online casino games for some extra entertainment. There’s poker, blackjack, roulette, and so many more games that you can enjoy. If this sounds exciting to you, head over to

Watch as many matches as possible

Due to its huge global popularity, there are various football leagues in nearly every country worldwide, from England to Spain. This is great, though, as it means you have a never-ending supply of football matches that you can stream on TV. And as a new fan, binge-watching as many matches as possible is key to quickly establishing yourself in the football universe. Essentially, the more matches you watch, the more you learn.

Depending on which country you’re in, it’s recommended that you start by watching your native league matches. For example, if you’re Swedish, you should watch the Allsvenskan, the number 1 football league in the country. Right now, it’s the middle of the season, so there’s still plenty of games left for you to watch.

Also, it’s the unspoken rule of football that you should always support your national team. However, national teams don’t play as often as league clubs do. Instead, they play in tournaments every couple of years, with friendly matches sprinkled throughout the year.

Join fan clubs and forums

There are no sports fans more passionate than football fans: it’s a fact. Even the smallest of clubs, with only a couple of thousand followers, will have dedicated fan clubs and forums (usually online) that you can join and engage with. Of course, the bigger the club, the larger the following will be. For example, clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Barcelona have giant global followings. So naturally, fans communicate a lot with each other online through clubs and forums. Manchester United has an incredibly popular fan forum available at RedCafe.Net.

Get active and play

Football fans don’t just like to watch games – they like to play themselves, too.

Whether it’s through joining a local weekend league team or simply playing at the park with their friends, football fans love to be active and practice their skills. So, if you enjoy exercise and think you have the skills to do so, get out there and play some football! All you need is a field, a ball, and someone to play with. In fact, you can even practice alone – as it’s a great way to stay fit.

The ultimate to-do list for new football fans

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