The top 3 Premier League players of 2021

The Premier League has some of the best football teams and players in the world, but which players have been the best this season?  This is a difficult question to answer, and it is certainly a controversial topic. After all, who can say if a defender is better than a goalkeeper or a striker’s ability is more important to the team than a midfielder?

Well, there is one thing we can agree on, the Premier League has undoubtedly demonstrated that it is the perfect stage for showcasing some of the best football players on the planet. While we might not all agree on which player has performed the best this year, there are a few players who have stood out to us. Here is a list of some of the top Premier League players that have played brilliantly during the 2020-2021 season:

1.      Harry Kane (Tottenham)

Tottenham’s front man and England’s captain, Harry Kane deserves to be at the top of this list because of the hard work and dedication he has put in this season. Kane is demonstrating that he has the longevity needed to bring Tottenham Hotspur into a trophy-challenging position – something we did not expect to see happen a few years ago.

Another reason Harry Kane has made it to the top of our list is that he is currently tipped to win the Player of the Year trophy.

2.      Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian international player who took his Premier League displays to a whole new level in 2019/2020, scoring an astounding 13 goals during the season and assisting in over 20. And that is not all, research suggests that since 2015, Bruyne has been involved in over 111 of City’s 454 goals scored in the Premier League. That is nearly 25% of all goals!

Like Harry Kane, Kevin De Bruyne is also one of the favorites to win the UEFA Player of the Year award. The main reason for this is because he is Europe’s leading assist provider; however, this is not the only reason De Bruyne is a favorite to win.

3.      Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool)

Another amazing player in the Premier League is Virgil Van Dijk. Van Dijk is arguably one of the best Dutch players ever to play in the Premier League. He is a very disciplined player, earning just one yellow card in each of the last three domestic seasons. Van Dijk has been a real asset to Liverpool FC this season, giving the Reds some defensive foundations after years of disaster at the back. Now that the Premier League season is almost over, discussions are turning to who the standout players of the season have been, and which player deserves to win the Player of the Year trophy. While Harry Kane, Bruno Fernando, and Ruben Dias are favorite to win Player of the Year this season, they are not the only players in with a fighting chance. There are lots of other amazing players in the Premier League that could also win this much sought-after trophy. Which player would you nominate for the Player of the Year award?

The top 3 Premier League players of 2021

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