The Champions League Quarterfinals: the Road to Cardiff

With only 57 days left before the 2017 Champions League final, the lineup for the quarterfinal stage of the competition has already been made known to the public. Monaco and Atletico Madrid keep up the hope of reaching the 2017 final in Cardiff by overpowering Man City and Bayer Leverkusen respectively. Such domination will help them continue on to the quarterfinals of the 2017 competition. Both teams were successful, beating out the competition 3-1 and 4-2 respectively, meaning they both have the honor of joining Barcelona, Juventus, Leicester, Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, and Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals. All eight teams will be striving to reach the final on Saturday, June 3rd.

Lei v Atl

Take a look at to learn more these matches. Madrid v Leicester currently sit at 1-0 at halftime, and there is no guarantee who might come out victorious in this spectacular game. There are many odds to consider in this game, especially if you plan to bet on Atletico Madrid for the eventual defeat of Leicester. The odds of Atletico Madrid winning are 1/20, the odds of a draw are more promising at 8/1, and the odds of Leicester winning are only 45/1.

If you look at over/under 2.5 goals, the odds of under 2.5 goals are just 8/13 compared to 6/5 for over 2.5 goals, a figure that is steadily decreasing in probability since this game is certain to have strong defense on both sides. Although it is not likely to see more than 2.5 goals, the difference in odds is only roughly 16 percent. This type of betting is more about luck than anything else.

Bayern Munich v Real Madrid

Currently, the score sits at 1-1, and the odds of Bayern Munich taking the win are 6/5 while Real Madrid is sitting at a 7/2 chance with a 7/2 chance of a draw. The odds for over 2.5 goals is not terrible with a 1/6 chance to be over and a 7/2 chance of being under 2.5 goals. The odds for the score ending in Bayern Munich’s favor at 2-1 currently rest at 10/3, while the odds of Real Madrid taking the win at 2-1 are 13/2. This game is quickly becoming a stressful competition between two great teams.

Barcelona v Juventus

On April 19th at 19:45, Barcelona will put its best players in against Juventus in a bid toward overall victory of the 2017 Champions League. The odds of the home team taking the win currently sit at 1/2, with a 10/3 chance of a draw and 5/1 to the away team. Betting is currently open, meaning you could place your well-informed bet on this game right now. You only need to know where to start.

The current chance of both teams scoring at least one point is at 4/6, with a 11/10 chance; only one team is capable such a feat. This is reflective of the under/over odds of 2.5 goals, which sit at 13/8 for under and 4/9 for over 2.5 goals. If you bet on handicap, Barcelona is at 11/10, with the draw at 11/4 and Juventus at 6/4 respectively. You should not wait to place what could be a life-changing bet.

The Champions League Quarterfinals: the Road to Cardiff

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