European World Cup qualifying: the road to Russia

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia. For teams that are members of UEFA, there are thirteen available slots not including Russia. As the World Cup host, Russia will be given an automatic berth. As you know, there are dozens of teams that are members of UEFA, and all will be competing for just over a dozen spots in the Cup. They will all have to compete in the European qualifying rounds.

European Qualifying

European qualifying is about a year long process that takes place from September 2016 to November 2017. It is an exciting time for anyone who is watching football. Such a process is especially exciting for anyone who is betting on football. Since the stakes are so high and the games so high profile, there are dozens of markets available for you to place a bet. But how do you know who to choose? gives you information and the current odds of all the different squads competing.


An old adage says that football is a very simple game. Twenty-two players try to kick one ball into a goal, and at the end, the Germans win. The joke rings true for many people since Germany is the reigning World Cup champions. Every four years, they field an incredible team full of incredible talents. Such a team is likely to get through to the World Cup. It would be a serious upset if they somehow got knocked out. If you’re looking for an overly safe bet, you should pick Germany.

From their same group, you should also look at Northern Ireland. They have been putting up a strong performance and look likely to advance to another qualifying round.

Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Ireland fields two teams for World Cup qualifying. Northern Ireland is in a group with Germany, which will make their road a particular difficult one. The Republic of Ireland has a slightly easier time getting through to the second round, though they do have Serbia in their group.

Serbia has a particularly strong team. If you’re looking for a safe bet, it’s Serbia. If you’re looking for something a little more risky and more lucrative, you should consider putting some money behind the Republic of Ireland.

Montenegro and Denmark

These two teams are very different when in terms of their styles of play, but when it comes to their chances of making it to the World Cup, they both have a decent shot. Both teams sit near the top of their group and will have a long fight ahead of them. If one of them manages to pull it off, you could have very lucrative results.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina have been near the top of their group for a while now. They both have an outside chance of winning their group and making the World Cup outright. Both teams have an even better chance of making it in as one of the eight qualifying runners-up. You should watch Bosnia and Herzegovina closely for signs that they are about to leap into second place.

European World Cup qualifying: the road to Russia

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