The best Premier League betting markets

The 2022/23 Premier League season begins in earnest in August and all fans begin the season with the air of expectation for their respective teams, whether it be their hopes for the title, a push for the Champions League or their bid to remain in the top flight.

In terms of betting options for the Premier League, there are a number of betting markets to consider. We’ll now take you through the best betting options available for wagering on the competition.

Outright betting

Outright betting markets are one of the most notable options for betting on the Premier League. The stand-out market is wagering on the title winner, although over the last five years this has been predictable. Manchester City and Liverpool have contested the crown and have shared the titles between them, with City winning four out of the last five Premier League titles.

The Champions League market is a lot more interesting given the fact that Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal are in the range, along with West Ham United and Leicester City providing value on the market.

The relegation betting market is also worth a look, and usually revolves around the newly promoted sides. However, there can be surprises in the mix that provide value, with Everton and Southampton among the teams to watch in the 2022/23 season to potentially take the plunge to the Championship.

Live betting

In-play betting has become a crucial part of all betting, but is especially popular for the Premier League. There are options to bet on all the markets available before the game, but live betting provides the opportunity for enhanced odds to reflect the tone of the contest. Companies such as Sportingtech are among sportsbook software providers offering intelligent systems to reflect the changes in these odds during live matches. These are related to incidents on the field, such as the odds for the full-time result, player bookings, corners, shots on target, goals and other events.

It can be an interesting way to bet if you’re watching the game live and can anticipate which markets and events to target. A good example of this theory is the movement in odds on Manchester City on the final day of the 2021/22 season after going 2-0 down to Aston Villa. Their price for the win market drifted significantly compared to their price before the start of the contest, highlighting the value offered by in-play wagering.

Accumulators and bet builders

Accumulators and bet builders are two staples of betting on the Premier League. Due to the amount of matches that take place on a weekly basis, accumulator betting allows you to place a bet using markets from different Premier League matches to combine into one large bet in order to enhance the odds of your wager.

Due to the number of variables, it does come with a greater risk, but there could be rewards if you’re successful, notably from a lower stake if you get your picks right. Bet builders follow the same principle, but they are a single-game “acca”, allowing users to select markets from one game into one large wager. Again it comes with a greater risk, but the rewards could be just as fruitful.

Premier League betting is one of the most popular forms of wagering, and the selected markets are just a few of the ones available that make it stand out from the crowd.

The best Premier League betting markets

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