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Football has over five billion fans worldwide, making it the most beloved sport. The same zeal has been seen with the online version of the sport. FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) have been at the forefront of developing the best online football games in the world. Let’s review a few games from the above mentioned companies together with other highly reviewed games:

SpeedPlay World Soccer 4

This online football game is a simple one that tests control and precision Using the keyboard and mouse, the 11 football players are controlled to run around the pitch and defend. The objective is simple; score more goals than the other team. The game offers challenges in the form of tournaments including Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and world tournaments. 

FIFA 2020

EA Sports designed FIFA mobile soccer, which is one of the best online football games to play on Android devices. There are 550 real football teams and you can join 33 different football nations to play the FIFA World Cup. 

Like other sports titles, it has some likeable features which include impressive graphics, decent gameplay, and lots of content. Fans can choose from single-player campaign mode, online multiplayer, and league play. 

Top Eleven 2018

If you prefer Football Manager to FIFA or PES, then Top Eleven is the game for you. The game lets you build your own ultimate dream team entirely through easy-to-use controls. 

It is a realistic simulation game, incorporating over 5,000 real-life players with the abilities and attributes. The user gets to whom to buy through the transfer window.

Slot Machines

Just like playing an online football game where odds are unknown and affords one huge control which is ultimately stimulating, playing slots has a similar outcome. Slots pilot will give the player a similar sense of excitement and thrill a gambler would experience. Ensure you have a strategy in place before getting started so as not to exceed time and expenditure limits

Final Kick

This game was released in 2020 and has a pretty simple and straightforward gameplay. The objective of the game is to score as many goals as possible within the given time limit. For anyone who doesn’t like extra complexity in their games, this game is a classic with simple graphics and controls. 

The user has the ability to design the team that suits their exact specifications and trains them so that they can continue improving their skills. This will ultimately lead to achieving increasingly spectacular goals. 

Dream League Soccer 2018

Aside from managing your own team, Dream League Soccer allows you to control your players during actual matches. The gameplay is similar to FIFA’s career mode, except no contracts and transfers exist between players and clubs. 

The transfer market lets you sign any player with a set amount of coins based on how good they are. Coins can be earned by playing and winning matches, watching commercials and accomplishing tasks. 

Flick Shoot 2

A physics-based football game developed by MobileCraft, Flick Shoot 2 is a sequel to Flick Shoot. It includes lots of exciting game modes including Time Attack, Tournament, Goal Post, Arcade, One Ball, and Targets. 

For the ultimate challenge against real opponents from across the globe, you can also participate in the Multiplayer or Online Tournament modes. While the game offers 3D graphics, it is renowned for its smooth and realistic animations when it comes to curl shots and goalkeeping. 

Football Legend Online

A free-to-play football game, Football Legend Online allows you to control your avatar player’s actions including dribbling, shooting, and dribbling to confuse and score a goal against the goalkeeper.

In addition to its good gameplay and quality 3D graphics, it comes with the option for users to make premium purchases. Instead of having a team mode as in FIFA, PES, as well a manager mode like Football Manager. It features a player mode. 

Final Words

There are a ton of different online football games available on the internet. As you make your choice of which ones to indulge in, ensure you have carried out thorough research. Check out all the reviews for those sites that have caught your eye. Make a point to confirm that the developers of the game are operating under a duly registered and legal company.

Exciting online games for football lovers

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