Can Arsenal finish in the top four?

Currently sitting in fourth place on the table, seven points behind Tottenham, Arsenal are going to be aiming their sights firmly on reaching the prestigious third place, but is this a realistic expectation? looks at their current performance and their upcoming matches to see whether they might stand a chance or whether it is likely they will slip further down and watch Manchester United or Chelsea claim the fourth spot leaving them out in the cold.

It was a victory against Southampton that took them back into fourth place but to be fair; this was a game they should have won. Currently, Chelsea has a game in hand, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is performing miracles at with his reds leaving them just one point apart, so their work is far from over. In their next two games, they will face off against Bournemouth and then head up to Wembley to face Tottenham. Odds would suggest that the gunners should stroll to victory against Bournemouth, but Tottenham who currently hold the third place spot in the league might be something of a different ball game.

Spurs are currently hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons with their manager facing disciplinary action for a slightly out of character outburst following their defeat at Burnley. However, this should be something the players can rise above, and this makes for a well-matched game that really could go either way with both teams having had a season with highs and lows.

As it stands there are five teams in very close proximity, so evidently one is not going to make the final four, however, despite holding the place at the moment, the majority of pundits feel that United are going to snatch back the place, not Chelsea and it will be Arsenal that finishes fifth.

It is fair to say that Liverpool and Man City have a reasonable degree of clearance and, while City will be fighting to regain their top spot, neither have much to worry about. As already mentioned Spurs have a seven-point lead. Chelsea, United and Arsenal are really getting to close to call with 50, 52 and 53 points respectively, but with a game in hand for Chelsea this, of course, could all change again. There are no other teams likely to be able to challenge these three with seventh place Watford a clear 10 points behind at the moment.

Arsenal’s seasons has not been without issue, and they have had their share of highs and lows. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the joint third highest scorer of the season with 15 goals, equaling that of Harry Kane, and the team has won 16 of their matches losing six and drawing five, but their stats closely match their nearest rivals United. The verdict at the moment has to be that they stand a chance of retaining fourth place, but it seems unlikely they can climb higher at this stage. However, it is a precarious perch and United will be doing their best to make sure they are unseated.

Can Arsenal finish in the top four?

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