Who will win the 2018 football World Cup?

It’s the 21st edition of the Football World Cup and everything started with Russia vs Saudi Arabia match. The question on everyone’s lips is who is going to lift the trophy at the end of these three weeks of intense football that made the entire planet stop in its tracks. With a total number of 32 teams at the start of the competition, it can be difficult to establish a clear favorite. You definitely have more chances gambling in an online casino Australia. However, knowing that not all the teams can really hope for the title helps narrowing it down.

2018 Word Cup favorites

You must be already used with the four or five nations that are almost constantly viewed as favorites to lift the trophy at the end of the World Cup in 2018. The ‘usual suspects’, as the international press has been calling them, are:
• Brazil – Odds to win the World Cup: 5.0
• Germany – Odds to win the World Cup: 6.0
• Spain – Odds to win the World Cup: 7.5
• France – Odds to win the World Cup 7.5
• Belgium – Odds to win the World Cup: 11.0
• Argentina – Odds to win the World Cup: 11.0

*All odds were taken from Paddy Power’s website at the moment the article was written.

You might wonder why Germany, being the current title holders aren’t given the first chance to win this year as well. That happens because Brazil seems to have a better squad year after year and it’s hard not to acknowledge that kind of football power. In Germany’s defense, the odds given by big bookmakers are just slightly bigger compared to Brazil.

Moving forward down the list, we have Spain. The 2010 World cup winners and two-times in a row European Champions in 2008 and 2012, the Spanish squad is definitely not one anyone should ignore when talking about chances to win the title this year. However, there were quite some changes from the team that dominated international football during those years. It goes without saying that they still have a vert strong lineup, however, there are some tweaks yet to be applied in order to make the team run smoothly and the draw against Switzerland proves that.

Long-shot favorites

Going even further down the list of favorites for this World Cup tournament, you find France. A team that has always been considered a force in the international football but couldn’t really show that in recent years. Both at a National squad level or club level through PSG or Marseille, France didn’t prove that they can be in the top of European or International football. This year, most of their hopes are linked with Mbappe, their 19-year-old striker that seems to have an excellent form.

Belgium seems to share the story of France with the only difference that they were never able to conquer a European or World Cup before. They have an outstanding team with most of the players being uncontested lead players in the Premier League. Even so, it seems that something still needs to be put in order before this young and very motivated team makes history.

Messi’s Argentina is probably on the list simply because of him. Through the years they always fought to overcome Brazil as the main squad from South America, however, they always came short in this race. A team filled with huge talents such as Di Maria, Sergio Aguero or Dybala, still can’t find the way to the silverware for some reason.

What about Portugal?

The current European Champions weren’t included in the list of potential winners for the 2018 World Cup and that came as a surprise for many of the fans. The truth is that, it was a surprise even when they won the European Trophy back in 2016 but it would definitely be the cherry on top for Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning career since a World Cup trophy is the only thing missing from his collection.

Who will win the 2018 football World Cup?

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