What does it take to become a great football coach?

Football fans often indulge themselves in to never ending debates like who is the best player of the world, which is the best team, which is the best football club, who is the best coach etc. They enjoy discussing different aspects of the game. One of the most important persons who is responsible for the success or failure of a football team is its coach. In this article, we are going to discuss about the importance of a football coach in detail. We will also try to figure out what it takes to make a great coach. So, let us get started with this subject straightway! 

Present football trends…

Although a standard football game lasts for well over ninety minutes, yet modern game of football has become more or less like playing online roulette aka gambling! You can never be sure of which way the match is going to end; like the good old saying goes – it’s never over, till it’s actually over!’ The pressure of the game has gone so high that a mere win or loss in a match could decide the faith of the player. An unexpected loss and the coach could be sacked! This high tension livewire has made the task of football players and coach ever tougher. Surprisingly, players as well as coaches have also adapted themselves well to this brutal trend and most of them have been able to pass and last these limit tests, which unfortunately, happen too often that they should!

The art of coaching

In order to become a good coach, one needs to have some important characteristics.  To get started, the coach first needs to have a good look at the team and analyze it. There are going to be some good players and some not so good players in every team. The role of a coach is to motivate the good players to keep doing the good job and at the other hand, he also needs to make the other players improve their game. In fact, improvisation is a necessary necessity for everyone, but the coach should play special attention on improving the players that are not naturally or technically good in the game.

Apart from it, the coach needs to understand the plus and minuses of each and every player and should use the human resources of the team in the best possible way. He should be able to figure out who would perform best as forwards, defenders, goalkeeper and so on.. At the same time, he also needs to understand the psyche of ever play and he should be able to advise them suitable accordingly to his understanding. If he would be able to do this successfully, then he would be able to abstract the best out of every player of the team, thus ensuing best possible results in every game.

What does it take to make a great coach?

Have you observed that great football players, some of whom are even called legends of the game, rarely become great coaches? Even more interestingly, most of the great football coaches have either been ordinary players during their stint, or they have hardly represented their country in football!

Have you ever wondered about this interesting fact? Have you ever tried to think about it? Well, the answer to this question lies in the fact that to play and to make others play, are two different aspects all together. In order to play the game well, you need to put on your own physical efforts while in order to make others play well, you would need to evaluate their skills and try to utilize them in the best possible manner.

The role of a football coach is less of a football player, and more of a motivator. The coach needs to keep the team united and motivated all the time, especially when the team is going through a tough phase or a transition period. While the captain of the team has an important role to play during the match, the coach has to take care of the whole team on as well as off the ground. This makes the job of a football coach, or any other coaches for that matter, a lot tougher that anyone else.

Final words…

Being a successful coach is all about handling the pressure and the pressure situations. Apart from it, one needs to be constantly involved in the game but at the same time, also find space for the world outside football.  Every game involves tremendous pressure right from the beginning till and including pre and post-match precious. The person who can handle stress tension on and off the court and can keep in self-motivated and also is team members is going to be successful coaching a long term. The key here is to find a balance between professional and personal life.

As the all the football matches involves pressure of the highest level, it is necessary for going to be physically and mentally prepared to deal with it. As this pressure is an indispensable part of the whole process, the coach needs to understand it and do not get obsessed with game at any time, as that is likely to go more harm to his performance. Most of the successful coaches are able to handle the pressure situation successfully. At times, a couple of bad matches could get good coaches sacked. That is a tough period for them but they need to handle this situation properly and come out of it victorious and plan future proceedings in a better way. Those who have been able to do this successfully are going to be listed in the elite list of great coaches of all time.

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What does it take to become a great football coach?

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