The top sports betting trends for 2020/2021

Do you have a real love and passion for all things sports-related? In fact, do you take sports so seriously that you make it a point to stay up on all the latest stats, news, and teams so that you can take part in sports betting? Sports betting can be that next level of fandom as then you give yourself an extra reason to be invested in the game. It can make the action that much more exciting and thrilling.

So, besides checking the live odds at any given time, which you can do through sites like, you may be curious as to what the sports betting trends are for the 2020/2021 seasons. Maybe there are some trends you’re not even aware of, or perhaps you’ll find that you’re right up on all the latest happenings. So, let’s take a closer look.

E-Sports have stepped Into the spotlight

The year 2020 has been one like no other, in just about every sense. No-one could have predicted the pause of pretty much every live professional sport out there, and during that time of the shutdown, those who wished to take part in sports betting had to look elsewhere.

One sport that has come into the spotlight this year has been e-sports, or electronic sports. This year in particular, people have been taking part in betting on competitive teams in the world of e-sports. And it’s not just here; it’s a trend that is picking up steam all over the world. That’s the real beauty about these particular sports – they are accessible to people everywhere.

Another aspect that is really pushing this trend is how fresh e-sports feel. Sure, it’s not brand-new, but it still has that newness and excitement to it that can take a trend far. Just take a look at the 2019 Fortnite World Championship contest as an example. This one competition turned around 1.8 million hours’ worth of viewed content.

That is incredible when you think about it. In fact, statistics are emerging which show that not only does e-sports get a lot of viewing time, its viewership is actually higher than traditional sporting events. The fact that viewers can watch all different genres and types of games/sports across multiple devices is just helping to drive this trend forward.

Player tracking is emerging

Here’s a really interesting trend that is starting to emerge. While not as big and widespread as e-sports, it’s definitely a trend worth taking a closer look at.

Player tracking is the idea that you can in fact track the personal fitness and activity of specific players at a time. Live-tracking of their health, meaning real-time data, is a new concept. It’s easy enough to achieve thanks to the fitness trackers that are so easily accessible on the market today. So, how does this relate to betting?

The idea is that by having access to this real-time and up-to-date information on a specific player, it can help people to make more well-informed bets. You have more information at your fingertips, which can essentially help you to place a wager. Although this one isn’t a widespread trend as of yet, it’ll continue to pick up steam and interest.

Have a last minute bet – no problem

Because not everyone is thinking five steps ahead, last-minute betting has also become quite the trend. Let’s face it, this sort of option fits well into the lifestyle of busy people. Then there’s the fact that technology has evolved so much that last-minute betting is made possible and even easy.

Online sportsbooks have made last minute betting a breeze, allowing people to place bets from their home computer or even their mobile device. This particular method really seems to appeal to newbies at sports betting, as they may be unsure of their bet until that absolute last minute.

Plenty of trends to keep an eye on

As you can see, these are just a few of the hot trends for 2020/2021, and you’ll also see there is a very obvious connection between them all. Technology is clearly playing a huge role in sports betting trends not just this year, but looking ahead to next year.

The top sports betting trends for 2020/2021

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