The footballers with the most unexpected hobbies

Footballers get a lot of downtime. Of course, they dedicate their lives to their profession, training hard and come Saturday afternoon they’re fit and raring to go. But naturally rest is required and there are plenty of hours after training in which footballers can enjoy their favourite hobbies. And some are a little more obscure than others…

Yes, many of the world’s top stars have weird and wonderful hobbies, and below you’ll find four that you really wouldn’t have expected.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Bingo

You’d think Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn’t have time for any hobbies given his work ethic, but that shows how much we know, with the Portuguese star a lover of bingo. We’re not sure where he picked this up, although there is a rather large bingo hall just a short walk from Old Trafford. So, you never know, him and Giggsy might have been down there after a game.

It’s a great time to be a bingo fan too. The game has grown considerably over the last few years, with brands such as making it into the mainstream and becoming household names. Ronaldo once said of the game, “playing bingo can be very exciting”.

It is believed he started playing the game in order to improve his English, but we can’t imagine it’s a tactic many players use.

Toni Kroos – Darts

Toni Kroos is a footballer many fellow sports people admire, but did you know that the Real Madrid midfielder is a big fan of Phil “The Power” Taylor?

Kroos is a lover of darts, and hailing from Germany and spending a large part of his career in Munich, we can imagine the steins available at the Ally Pally may have something to do with that.

He regularly tweets about the game and we can only imagine what a game of round the board is like with Kroos, Benzema and Modric. We also think Zizou would be handy with an arrow in his hand.

Petr Cech – Drumming

Petr Cech’s love of the drums is well known, and it’s believed that he got into the instrument during his time at Chelsea when he and Carlo Cudicini would often play Guitar Hero.

Cech has his own YouTube channel and his covers have become hugely popular with a rendition of Walk, by the Foo Fighters, having clocked up around a million views. He always carries drumsticks around in his kitbag and even joined a folk-rock band as a drummer mid last year. Petr Cech – coming to a theatre near you.

Joe Allen – Chickens

From drums to drumsticks, Joe Allen, aka the Welsh Pirlo, is a big fan of chickens and he and his wife have a passion for saving hens. Such is his love of the bird he even starred on the front cover of Chicken and Egg magazine during his time at Liverpool.

In the article he revealed he had a number of hens, with names such as Bruce, Rodney, Silkie Steve, Nugget, Shimmer and Shine. Who would have thought it?

The footballers with the most unexpected hobbies

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