Rise of apps: changes in how we view football

Year on year we see technology creep into major sports, including tennis, golf, horse racing and boxing. Football certainly hasn’t escaped the rise of the machines with an ever-increasing number of decisions being put in the hands of computers.

VAR was made famous during the 2018 World Cup in Russia and it proved such a hit with fans, players and referees there are talks to install the system in major football grounds across the UK, including English Premier League. An idea of just how rapidly technology is changing in sports can be seen by the way players were demonstrating with officials in Russia, drawing imaginary boxes in the air to emphasise their point, something that would’ve seemed ludicrous at the previous World Cup, played just four years earlier in Brazil. What can we expect from Qatar 2022? It’s anyone’s guess.

It’s not just the way the game is played that’s evolving, but how we watch our favourite matches. Armchair fans went from the dark days of keeping track of their team’s progress through radio updates, to watching the beautiful game on TV, first in black and white and then glorious colour, the latter paving the way for modern football shirts.

You could watch the big match live on a major broadcaster such as Sky Sports at home, if you were lucky enough to have an expensive monthly subscription, or down the pub where gangs of like-minded fans would gather around the big screen. It was ideal, bringing people together, but that all changed and now watching at your convenience is the focus.

The introduction, affordability, improvement and rise in popularity of apps stirred things up again, making it possible to watch a fixture of your choice in HD quality through one of the leading football betting apps on your mobile or tablet device wherever you fancied, as long as you had a reliable internet connection.

You no longer had to be at home or local pub to view the game. Now you could keep tabs on the score through a futuristic app anywhere – in bed, on the train, in the park, fishing, whilst attending another match, in the toilet, the possibilities are endless. Turn every day situations into a thrilling football watching experience. It’s tomorrow’s world, today.

The explosion of live streaming through apps caught the attention of leading betting brands and they acted quickly. You’ll now find sports coverage available through your betting app, allowing you to watch live football, horse racing, basketball and more, betting on the outcome as you go.

A brief history of football betting reminds us we had to have our bets on by 2.55pm on a Saturday afternoon in store to see them accepted. Those days are long gone and now, looking back, rather comical.

Bet wherever you want, whenever you want and on whatever you want with hundreds of markets offered on each football fixture, including match winner, first goal scorer, total goals, half-time/full-time, handicaps, corners, cards and more. It can be done from the comfort of your own home or workplace, no need to drag yourself down to the high street to place a bet. Times have changed and now you, the customer, are in charge.

The reason bookies have invested so heavily in this technology is it directly translates into more bets. For example, if you’ve placed a pre-match punt and it quickly becomes obvious you’ve called it wrong, you can get back involved and place another through the many betting in-play markets. You’ll find all the pre-match offers available, with the prices updated to match the flow of play.

As well as the live feed and in-play betting, traders also provide a flood of match stats, both before the start and during the 90 minutes of play. Find out which players are on a scoring run, providing most assists, keeping clean-sheets and have a poor disciplinary record. All the time you could be watching one match through the live feed and keeping tabs on your accumulator by checking scores from grounds across the globe. It’s a beautiful time to be a football fan and even better time to be a football punter.

Rise of apps: changes in how we view football

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