Planning on catching a live EPL game when the action resumes? These are the best grounds to visit

One thing the current world circumstances have taught us is that sitting around the house all day watching TV is not the paradise we thought it was. When the world returns to normality, you can be sure that many people will be consulting their bucket lists and eagerly getting out and about in the world. Attending a Premier League game is likely to be near the top of the agenda, so let’s look ahead to better times with this run down of the most popular grounds according to non-partisan away visitors.  


There must have been a point when Spurs were wishing they had never started with the new ground. One delay after another made them the laughing stock of the Premier League last season. However, it finally opened last May, and there was universal consensus that it was worth the wait. The stadium looks stunning and with a capacity of 62,000, it is second only to Old Trafford in terms of capacity. This is the Premier League stadium against which all others will now be measured. 


A great football stadium is not just about size. The Amex Stadium in Brighton is relatively intimate, with a 30,000 capacity. It opened in 2011 and is located in the village of Falmer, just outside Brighton. One of the best reasons to visit is to check out the seaside and local nightlife. Brighton is something of a party town, with a great choice of pubs. If you enjoy exploring the best live casino experiences online, this is also something you can do for real in Brighton at the small but friendly Gentings, just round the corner from the Grand Hotel on the seafront. 


A new stadium makes for a great afternoon at the football.  Typically, it offers better views, access and facilities, especially for those with limited mobility. But – there is always a “but.” The problem is that they can sometimes seem a little soulless. Goodison Park provides something a little different. This stadium was built in the 1890s, and while it has obviously undergone some modernisation, that history is almost palpable. It makes for a unique experience, especially when it’s full to its 36,000 capacity. 


St James’ Park is another historic ground with a special atmosphere – and let’s face it, nobody loves their football as much as the Geordies! One giant stand seating more than 50,000 people creates an experience you just won’t get elsewhere. The only real downside is that the away fans have to sit way up in Gods. 

Manchester United

It’s the elephant in the room. No discussion of Premier League grounds is complete without mentioning the 76,000 seater behemoth. Old Trafford is the largest stadium in the country, and despite United’s mixed fortunes over the past couple of seasons, it invariably sells out. Yes, it’s getting on in years, and it is overdue for some repairs. But despite that, it is the ultimate Premier League destination for literally millions of fans from all across the globe. 

Planning on catching a live EPL game when the action resumes? These are the best grounds to visit

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