Our top tips for mobile betting on football this winter

Winter may be a time when a lot of industries close or at least slow down for a period of time, but the same cannot be said of football. There is football on pretty much every day other than Christmas over the festive period, and winter has always been a time where the football season heats up even if everything else is cooling down.

In this guide, we share some of the top tips for mobile betting so you are aware of the information and tips that can help you to have a responsible time and enjoy yourself over the winter.

Use reliable gambling companies

When you’re looking for a company to place bets with and carry out mobile gambling, it is important to think about the reliability of those companies and whether they have a good track record.

Luckily, we live in an age where it is easier than ever to check. For one thing, you can make use of some of the top review sites to see what others have said about the gambling platform. Often, there will be reviews by industry professionals and those who know a lot about the way gambling sites work on these platforms, which can help people to make their decision on how they wish to gamble.

On top of that, sites like Trustpilot are a way to see the experience that others have had with a specific gambling brand and see the average rating given by consumers. This helps players to make a decision based on the overall consensus and feeling about a site.

Check mobile functionality

Mobile gambling requires a mobile website with plenty of functionality. If you want the capability to place bets and navigate through a site with ease while enjoying plenty of choice, then choosing the right site is key. A lot of gambling sites now have a mobile app which will work on either iPhone or Android, but this doesn’t mean that these are the only options. Many sites are built to be responsive and work just as well on mobile devices even if they don’t have a specific app, so players can just use their mobile browser.

Always check the form

Checking the form is absolutely crucial when it comes to placing bets. Spending time checking out what has happened in previous games might be required in order to work out the likelihood of certain events occurring.

There is a wealth of data available now on many different markets. For example, if a gambler wants to bet on the shots on target market, they can check out the previous games and which players have a consistently high average of shots on target or commit a number of fouls in most games they play.

The bookmakers and betting sites have grown and expanded to the point where they have more markets than ever before, which means that people can bet on markets such as shots, shots on target, fouls, yellow cards and even corners. In recent times, markets like how many times a player will be fouled have also been added, which is yet another way that the industry is evolving, and another area that people can research.

Consider transfer rumours

In January, the transfer window opens, and this is something that people like to check out before deciding what to gamble on. There are potentially rumours that can give you a bit of an insight into transfer strategies, such as Liverpool’s busy summer window. Will this be met by further transfers?

While some people will always choose to focus on what is happening during the game rather than the subsidiary markets, others will get involved in the next manager markets or the next manager to be sacked markets.

Use bonuses and free bets where possible

A lot of betting sites like to entice new users and retain their existing users by offering generous bonuses to their customers. This could include loyalty rewards so after a certain amount is gambled, or when a player has an account for a certain period of time, they might be rewarded with some form of bonus.

This could come in the form of a free bet, which players may receive weekly, monthly or based on other criteria linked to their account. If you’re the sort of person who gambles enough to get these kinds of rewards, it makes sense to be aware of them and to use them. Check emails and promotional materials that are sent by the companies, as these might provide details on the kind of promotions that are on offer.

On top of this, there is a battle among the companies to provide the best bonuses and offers, which means that some of them might have specific offers like bet boosts to help players to get more from their gambling and encourage them to return to bet.

 Check and compare odds

There are lots of different criteria that are used by customers to evaluate which betting companies best meet their gambling needs, but one of the things to be considered is the odds. For instance, if a player was to back a market, it makes sense for them to check the different bookmakers’ odds in order to ensure that they have the best odds. Odds can vary quite a lot from one bookmaker to the next.

Some markets can have a lot of variation and competition as bookies try to give the best odds. On top of this, some have boosts or promotions on those individual markets too.

Bet responsibly

This is the number one tip for betting on football this winter as it is essential that people are safe and responsible whenever they are betting. There is a lot of effort and money applied to some of the biggest campaigns to ensure that people do bet responsibly.

What this means is making sure that you only bet what you can afford to lose, so that there aren’t any instances where a loss would cause financial hardship. Players should always be responsible and clear-headed.

Additionally, players should never bet when they are angry or frustrated as this can lead to poor decisions. In the UK, as part of licensing requirements, betting companies must provide measures such as self-exclusion to allow people to take a break from their betting accounts.


Mobile betting is easier than ever, and players have a lot more options than ever before, which means that they can log into an account and bet on pretty much any major game if they want to. Over the winter, football experiences a real boom in popularity, and there is a game pretty much every day. Fixtures such as the boxing day games have become really famous for being popular for viewing, and of course, for gambling.

Players should gamble responsibly as well as taking the time to check the best websites for mobile football betting, and ensuring they are getting the best odds whenever they are having a bet on the football.

Our top tips for mobile betting on football this winter

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