Who Is most likely to win the Premier League 2017/18?

The Premier League is one of the most anticipated events in the football calendar. The 2017/18 season is already well underway, after kicking off on the 11th August with Arsenal v. Leicester City and will run until May 2018 so there is still a lot of excitement to enjoy.

With a relatively short history, this year’s championship is the 26th Premier League season since it began in 1992. Many fans will remember when matches were played between the 22 inaugural members, including Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal among others. This year a total of 49 clubs will have played in the Premier League, with Brighton and Hove Albion and Huddersfield Town joining the ranks this season. Many football fans will enjoy watching the games in person and on the screen, and some will chance their luck and place a bet on their favourite team. The big question on everyone’s lips is who will win the Premier League this year?

Which Team Will Win?

Last year, Chelsea dominated the league and took home the trophy. Some of the most expensive deadline day signings known have occurred this year, with many Premier League teams spending big. This year, Manchester City are tipped to take home the trophy. With Pep Guardiola as the manager, they have developed their team throughout the year and have come up with a strong squad. They spent over £220 million over the summer, with six new players brought on and several others sold or released. Joe Hart was loaned to West Ham United, while Benjamin Mendy was transferred in for the tidy sum of £49.4 million. This move has made Manchester City’s current defence the most expensive in football history.

Many football correspondents believe that City should have taken the title last season but they didn’t quite pull it together in time. The team has strengthened considerably in comparison to their rival teams. In particular, many feel that Chelsea have not stepped up since last season and Liverpool have not found the right defensive players to help them secure the title.

However, there are doubts over the health and fitness of central defender Vincent Kompany. The injury-prone player needs to keep himself out of medical care for the season to go in City’s favour.

Manchester City are the bookmakers’ current favourites to win the Premier League, with odds of 6/4.


Who Will The Top Four Be?

With the winner of the Premier League seemingly clear cut, many people’s thoughts turn to who the runners up will be. Seeing your team in the top four can be just as worth celebrating to winning outright for some fans. These are the teams which could be set to take the places in the top four this year.

Chelsea are a definite contender to challenge for the title. They haven’t had the best summer of football but many people are forgetting that they have Antonio Conte as their manager. He has been publicly criticised by the former manager Jose Mourinho recently for playing ‘low risk football’, but Conte is good at what he does and will get the team into shape for the Premier League.  Some football correspondents are predicting that they will place in the lower rankings of the top four.

Manchester United are also tipped to place within the top four. The team recently spent £75 million on signing striker Romelu Lukaku and they also acquired defensive midfielder Nemanja Matic from rivals Chelsea. Both players will make a significant difference to the team’s play, improving their standards significantly. Mourinho has won the league in the second season of every club he’s managed for the past few years. However, Manchester United aren’t quite there yet in comparison to their closest rivals, Manchester City, despite Paul Pogba beginning to show excellent form and the squad gelling together already.

The final favourite to place in the top four alongside Manchester City are Tottenham Hotspur, although Liverpool are close behind. Some have said that Spurs performance will depend on how well they have adapted to playing at Wembley. Most agree that by the time the season gets fully underway they will be settled and able to perform well. Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League history has seen them as a consistent team but they have yet to claim the title. Football correspondents agree that Spurs could finish second place this year.

Regardless of who wins or loses, the Premier League 2017/18 is set to be an exciting few months in football history which will be avidly watched by fans across the country. Whether you’re watching at home or heading to soak in the atmosphere at a match, make the most of seeing some of the top teams in the world play.

Who Is most likely to win the Premier League 2017/18?

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