It’s easy to know all today soccer results

Spain is full of passion not only in daily life, but also on the soccer field. Indeed, for many Spaniards the concepts of “sports field” and “life” are inseparable. Refreshingly, as shown by today’s soccer results, teams getting stronger and improving their standard of play doesn’t always happen due to cash injections or a change of manager. 

In the season 2018/2019, modest — by the standards of the grandees — teams of Osasuna and Granada left Segunda and entered the Primera. Unsurprising in itself, because every season there is a rotation – the best ones go up, the worst go down. But more surprising is that these clubs are now among the strong middling teams and sometimes they even manage to take points from top teams.

The latest soccer results of Granada show a losing streak, while Osasuna seems to have stabilized its game. In the off-season, Osasuna was strengthened by domestic championship players, relying on free agents, while Granada for the most part manned the missing positions with loan players. 


It is becoming more interesting to watch confrontations not only in the major leagues, but also in the lower divisions. Who knows, maybe next season a team from the lower league will break through to the top and take the champion title from the grandees.

Changes in La Liga table in recent rounds

In Spain, the average number of goals per game has significantly increased. Of course, Spanish clubs have never been famous for their scoring style, but the abundance of goals in the La Liga table needs some explanation:

  1. The dominance of English football and its dynamic style of play forced all the clubs to reconsider their tactics and team formations.
  2. The gradual reduction of freestyle players (with the notable exception of Lionel Messi). This has been done with the aim of creating a single team organism. The team attacks and defends as  unit.
  3. The list of top 5 scorers include players from different teams. This indicates the attacking capabilities of all teams without exception.

Now it’s hard to say how long this trend will remain in the La Liga table. Perhaps the number of goals will decrease closer to winter, when thoughts will already be at a break. Or maybe, one team will be able to take advantage of the situation and break away from the pursuers in the standings. However, history indicates that once a certain pace has been set, it is unlikely to change until the following season.

It’s easy to know all today soccer results

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