How to become more knowledgeable in sports

No one knows everything in sports no matter how eloquent they sound. Instead, most people are just good at things related to one or several sports. That’s alright, though, because it’s what you need to be able to contribute to sports conversations with your friends.

That said, you don’t become a sports expert overnight. It starts with an interest in a specific game and a habit to follow the sport regularly. Below is a more detailed guide on the tips you need to become more knowledgeable in sports.

Watch games on TV

So, you want to become better at basketball? Try watching several NBA games on TV. If you enjoy the action, commit your time to watch at least one game each week. You’ll more than like learn the basics of the game rules and technical terms.

By the time the regular season is over, you’ll have learned a handful of NBA teams and the top players. Of course, this tactic also applies to baseball, hockey, MMA, cricket or soccer.

Buy tickets and watch games live

Tickets to watch top tier league games are expensive, and that’s okay. You don’t need to attend MLB games to learn more about baseball. Instead, what you need is to visit local baseball games with friends and watch amateur games.

Grass root baseball games follow the same rules as MLB games. As such, you’ll learn everything about the sport regardless of which tournaments you attend. However, you need to attend more than one game to learn everything about baseball.

An excellent idea is to attend local tournaments but also to watch professional games on TV. That way, you can cherish the thrills of watching a game like MMA live but also appreciate the talent of professional athletes on TV.

Try betting on sports

Sports betting has a way of turning you into a fan of all sorts of sports. You might be a football fan who only follow news related to the NFL and college football. But once you start to bet and learn about the NBA, hockey, darts and eSports, there’s a chance you will cherish these sports.

Statistically, 70% of Americans say that are highly like to watch a sport they’ve bet on. So, if you struggle to watch games, try wagering on them. Of course, don’t place a bet unless if you are good at it.

Invest in learning how to bet before you make your first bet. Learn how to analyze odds, choose betting markets and asses games to predict a winner. Listen and learn from experts. Use prediction sites and research thoroughly to increase your odds of winning games.

Listen to sports podcasts

Watching sports TV is great, but there are only too many games you can watch in a week. In many cases, you’ll probably watch fewer than five games weekly.

 With podcasts, however, you can listen to people talk about sports every day. Again, you can choose what topics to listen to in particular. For example, you could subscribe to a football podcast if you have no interest in hockey or basketball talks.

In case you are wondering, here are some awesome sports wagering podcasts. They talk about how to bet, the best bookmakers and great games to predict. Most of them also give you betting tips to help you maximize your profits.

Follow sports news channels on social media

Social media makes it possible to consume sports content in all major ways: text, video and audio communication. That means you can get match updates, listen to analyzes by experts and watch highlights on the same platform.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are some of the most popular social networks for sports channels. But if you are wondering what channels to follow, here’s a list of the most popular networks

  • Bleacher Report
  • ESPN
  • Sports Center
  • FS1
  • BBC Sports
  • Sports Bible
  • Sky Sports UK
  • Sports Illustrated

Besides getting news and game previews, sports news social media accounts also help you interact with other fans. In fact, interacting with fans, learn and arguing with them is what makes following sports on Facebook and twitter enjoyable.

Subscribe to sports blogs

If you love to read blog posts, subscribe to several sports-related websites. Find websites that blog about everything related to sports, from injuries and match dates to betting and results.

Also, find blogs that analyze games in detail if you would like to talk about the same games to your friends with authority. That way, you’ll have to proper statistics, injury reports and players’ ranking to back your arguments.

The best blogs publish sports articles each day, so all you need is to manage your subscription. They also tend to be free although some news companies might want you to pay for subscriptions.

Play a sport you like

Participating in sports comes with a slew of physical and mental health benefits. It can help you stay physically fit, gain new friends and also learn the fundamentals of the game. In fact, becoming an athlete is perhaps the easiest way to become more knowledgeable in a sport.

If you can’t become a player, consider becoming a referee or a coach for a high school or amateur team. Of course, take time to learn about the game before you enrol to become a match official.

You can watch videos, read books and attend games as mentioned to learn about a sport before you commit to a crucial role. Once that’s done, practice your role to build your confidence and to be actually good at what you do.

Become a gamer

Playing sports simulation games can help you learn about any game within a couple of hours. Take football as an example. It only takes one FIFA 2020 game to find out how many players are in the stadium.

Within a couple of games, you’ll usually have learned the difference between a yellow and a red card. You also find out the differences between a freekick and a penalty. After a few weeks, you’ll probably know every team in the Big Six Premier League clubs.

How to become more knowledgeable in sports

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