How casinos can help you negotiate Premier League outrights in 2019/20

In May 2019, Liverpool, along with the two Manchester clubs and London’s big three (Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham) made up the Premier League’s top six for the third year running.

Subsequently, there is now a sharp contrast in the Premier League’s outright markets that can mitigate the pleasure of betting. There is a real disparity between teams that have a realistic chance of winning the title and their short odds, versus those that have very long odds, but will be out of the running long before the half-way point.

However, there are ways of working around long odds with bookmakers and casinos that have a sportsbook for the Premier League.

Amongst the most popular of these ‘alternate’ outright markets is the dual forecast (guessing the winner and runner-up in the right order) and the exact finishing order of the top four/five/six, with some impressive potential payouts enabled by the sheer number of variables.

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Whichever way you choose to wager in the outright markets available, the key is often to back any frontrunners early, no matter how small the potential profit. For instance, even though the probability of Manchester City retaining the title is currently well over 50%, there is still room for that number to rise, in correlation with shortening odds on the long list.

As reflected by some casino sportsbooks, accessible via pages where you can compare all the best online casinos, Manchester City’s own dominance amongst the top six has forced bookmakers and casino sportsbooks to improve how special offers can be used within Premier League outright markets.

For those seeking a bigger potential payout from a more daring bet, there are casinos that have sportsbooks which offer free bets, in which only the free bet amount is deducted from any winnings. This provides a risk-free way to make more speculative bets, such as the long-shot Manchester City/Arsenal option at 20/1 within the dual forecast market.

If none of the free bets are sufficient, a lot of bettors tend to hedge their bets and put a higher wager on a team considered very likely to achieve a particular objective in the outright market. If that prevails, a smaller bet elsewhere (even if lost) can be cancelled out by the small profits from a safer bet, assuming it is won.

PL Outrights: A worthy reflection?

In terms of pure results, 2018/19 did plenty to suggest that no team is immovable from its exalted place amongst the elite six.

Premier League followers witnessed Bournemouth thrash Chelsea 4-0 at their mere 11,000-seater Vitality Stadium, while Crystal Palace won at both Manchester City and Arsenal, doing so at the latter club’s home ground for the first time since October 1994.

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Caption: New manager, same problems. Are Arsenal the most vulnerable to falling out of the top six in 2020?

Manchester United, once so dominant in the Premier League, also endured some particularly humiliating results, including a 4-0 thrashing at Everton in April.

It would be easy to assume that the top-six are immovable, but there are factors that may yet play against them. Arsenal manager Unai Emery, for instance, will need to do a lot of work after a failure to re-enter the Champions League following the lost Europa League final.

Overall, if English football has taught us anything, it is that nothing lasts forever. Dynasties rise and fall, and all it may take is a summer of good recruitment and teambuilding to create one against all odds and usurp the so-called ‘top six’.

How casinos can help you negotiate Premier League outrights in 2019/20

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