Football teams that exploit the home ground advantage

Whether they play at home or away, the support that European football teams drum up is always incredible. If we take a look at an infographic that tells us more about the teams and the stadiums they play in, their incredible winning strikes, games won in the last decade and record home wins it’s easy to see why the term ‘home ground advantage’ comes about.


Turning the Home Ground into a Battlefield

The team that deserves the first mention for exceptional home ground performance has to be Juventus. After a tumultuous decade, the team has turned their new home ground into a formidable battlefield, and in the last 6 years have won every league title they have played there. The banners that are permanently draped across the stands enhance the atmosphere at Juventus Stadium, and their fans, aptly named the Ultras are some of the most ardent, and organised, in all of football. Additionally, the pitch is considered one of the more intimidating to walk on to, considering that between 2013 and 2015 Juventus racked up an impressive 47 match winning streak on their home ground.

 A Fortress Built on Pride

 Borussia Dortmund has turned The Westfalenstadion into an arena that’s become feared by its opponents. Under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp and more recently Thomas Tuchel, they’ve made playing in this stadium all the more daunting. Add to the fact that over 80,000 fans dressed in a sea of yellow cram in to watch every match, it’s easy to see why The Westfalenstadion has been referred to as the ‘BVB fortress’.

 Changes on the Horizon

  1. C Milan will be leaving their San Siro home ground in the next few years, and will move to a new stadium that has now been given the go ahead. It’s hoped that the team will be able to enjoy the same success when they move to new grounds, as at San Siro they have racked up an impressive 47 trophies and become one of Europe’s most successful clubs. With its 11 concrete supporting pillars and red metal work, this 80,000 seater venue has trapped many away fans in its corners, and although spectators from around the globe flock to the stadium, they do so with some trepidation as it’s certainly one of the most intimidating places to watch a football game.

A Real Advantage

Home to 4-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo and a host of other famous players, it’s easy to see why the 81,044 seater Santiago Bernabéu is a formidable stomping ground. Teams who play here seldom expect a positive result, as it seems the home ground advantage is just too great. The stadium has welcomed some of the biggest names in football and Real Madrid has won 33 League titles, 12 Champions League titles and 19 Copa del Reys. Considered Europe’s most intimidating stadium, the atmosphere is always electric, and the noise deafening.

These are just some of the top European football clubs that use the home ground factor to their advantage. Overall, the infographic makes it clear that while some teams have the passage of time on their side, others that play at ‘new’ homes are able to work their magic in much the same way.

Football teams that exploit the home ground advantage

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