Football managers: overpaid, overrated or undervalued? Let’s discuss…

Football managers are often regarded as some of the most influential figures globally. They oversee the team, train the players, and ultimately make critical decisions during games. However, their role has been the subject of much debate over the years, with some people arguing that they are overpaid and overrated, while others believe that they are undervalued.

In recent years, football managers’ salaries have skyrocketed, with some of the top ranking positions earning millions of pounds per year. For example, in the 2020-21 Premier League season, Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, reportedly earned £20 million, making him the highest-paid manager in the league. Jose Mourinho recently sacked as Tottenham Hotspur manager reportedly earned £15 million annually.

While the day you may see such figures in your bank account is but a distant dream or fantasy, the best you can do is pick your favorite football team (even if you’re doubtful about its manager) and place a bet. You can at least get your hands on a no wager no deposit bonus, and double your bankroll – if you’re lucky. Now, let’s dive into this debate…

What the critics say

Critics of football managers’ high salaries argue that they are overpaid, considering that their job is simply to manage a team of players who are already highly paid. They also say that managers are not always successful, and yet they are still paid vast sums of money regardless. Moreover, there are plenty of managers who receive generous severance packages, essentially indicating that this is a role where you’ll be paid even when you fail to do your job!

Another argument against football managers is that they are overrated and that their impact on a team’s success is often exaggerated. Some critics argue that the players are the most essential factor in a team’s success and that managers are simply there to oversee them.

In defense of football managers

In response to these critical voices, some commentators have argued that these managerial salaries are justified as the top football managers are essentially responsible for managing a multimillion-pound business and making key decisions that can affect a team’s performance.

Moreover, with regard to the argument against managers getting paid these huge sums despite a team’s losses on the field, those who support football managers argue that critics often overlook the fact that football managers play a vital role in motivating and organizing players, as well as making tactical decisions during games. These supporters argue that in addition to their role in the team, they’re also expected to handle media and public relations, negotiate contracts, and manage the club’s finances. Therefore, their impact on the club’s overall success goes far beyond just what happens on the field.

In fact, some people would go a step further by saying that despite the many responsibilities that they have, some argue that they are still undervalued. They point out that they’re often blamed for a team’s failures, while players are often praised for a team’s successes. This is despite the fact that they have a much more significant impact on a team’s overall performance than individual players do.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that football managers are often given little time to prove themselves, with many clubs sacking managers after just a few months in charge. This can create a culture of instability and uncertainty, making it difficult for managers to implement their vision for the team.

Final thoughts

It’s important not to ignore football managers’ influence on a team’s success, especially considering the fact that they’re very often blamed for teams’ failures, while players are on the receiving end of endless praise when it comes to much-publicized successes. Ultimately, we need to realise that there’s a lot more to football than what goes on during those 90 minutes on the field. A team is not simply made up of an entire troop of individuals, ranging from physios and medics to coaches and managers, all of whom come together to contribute to the team’s overall victory. Whether we are talking about a team’s star player or manager, it’s good to keep in mind any accomplishments are achieved through a collaborative effort. And football managers play a central role in this.

Football managers: overpaid, overrated or undervalued? Let’s discuss…

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