How football and bingo are intrinsically linked

The beautiful game of football is widely acknowledged as the most popular in the world. Beloved as it is, raising the money that is needed to acquire top talent and training can pose a challenge for any club.

Financial Fair Play regulations require clubs to live within their means and to balance their books properly. Sponsorship has long been an important way to do this, and a lot of football clubs around the world also diversify their interests into different moneymaking ventures. Petrol stations and housing developments, for example, both contribute to the coffers of German clubs today.

Bingo hall ownership has also been a serious source of income to football clubs in Portugal and other countries, Britain included. In addition, sponsorship of United Kingdom teams by Bingo brands has also been lucrative for all parties involved. With Bingo long considered an integral part of British culture and society, it’s not really surprising that the links between Bingo and the equally beloved game of football are so strong. Let’s look a little closer at this mutually beneficial relationship.

Football Sponsors Bingo

Many local and higher-profile football clubs host Bingo events as a way to raise funds and increase the community spirit. Bingo is known to be a highly sociable game, so it makes sense that such events would be a great way to boost camaraderie and connection between fans and players. Themed Bingo evenings based on football events or history are also possible and very enjoyable, although on the whole clubs tend to take the activities a little more seriously and to stick to traditional game formats.

Bingo Sponsors Football

Football jerseys, fields and other equipment have always been prime advertising space. So many eyes are focused on the game that whatever brand is seen gets exposure so widespread that it’s difficult to imagine a way of reaching more people.

Notable examples include Granada Bingo Halls shirt sponsorship of Coventry City from 1986-1988, including during their 1987 FA Cup triumph and Tombola’s shirt sponsorship of Sunderland AFC for the  2010-11 and 2011-12 English Premier League seasons.

Using this platform to advertise Bingo games would always have been profitable, but there is a sense that in the 21st century this is truer than ever before.

Playing Bingo online can be as fast as players want it to be, especially with AutoDaub facilities, and the rush of the instant gratification that winners feel is hard to beat. The popularity of land-based Bingo games among football fans has already been established, so for anyone watching at home, online games are a way to enjoy playing Bingo and appreciating football at the same time.

Keeping an eye on the football action while also daubing tickets is a good way to ensure all-around entertainment. Some fans play only when there are ad breaks on television, others daub constantly but are ready to set their online Bingo tickets aside as soon as there is an exciting play on the field. Either way, online Bingo activities are appealing to many spectators, and well-placed branding or advertisements during televised games can remind them of this.

With British football clubs distancing themselves from sportsbooks in the wake of a few scandals, the time for major Bingo hall sponsorship could be now. As the game enjoys a revival among all age groups in the country, this could only serve to bolster its appeal.

How football and bingo are intrinsically linked

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