European Championship Cheat Sheet – Never Miss a Game Again

With the European Championships upon us the time has come to start worrying about how and where we’re going to be able to catch the matches. With games scattered throughout the day, chances are you’re going to be stuck at work, school, church or anywhere else other than down the pub enjoying a nice cold pint as you watch England dominate. However, we’ve come up with a few genius ideas making missing the big game is officially a thing of past.


We can all agree that education is important, but watching England romp home to European triumph clearly takes priority. Missing England play is a disaster in itself, but being forced to read the entire works of William Shakespeare whilst the game is in full swing is nothing short of torture. However there’s a simple solution. Take action by hollowing out the middle of your book and snuggly concealing your phone in the centre, all you’ll need is your book, scissors and a well-rehearsed poker face.


There’s always one selfish person that decides to die right before a major tournament, or even worse a couple who think it’s acceptable to have their wedding on a Euro Championships year. Regardless of why you’re there sometimes the church is unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you should miss the football. Hymn sheets, hymn books and bibles are always knocking about, so utilise them as sneaky little phone shields. Get your paws on a book/hymn sheet, grab a seat, kick your feet up and enjoy the game, just try not to cheer too loud.


The problem here isn’t with a shortage of screens, the difficulty comes with making sure you can actually see and hear them. Pounding music, unnecessary grunting and people jumping around can completely obscure the experience, so it’s important to take precautionary measures. When watching football at the gym it’s important to get there early before the game to ensure optimal TV position and a high volume. You should seek out the best bike or treadmill and be ready to pounce the second it becomes available.


Whose idea were 2 o’clock kick-offs anyway? We’ve all been there, stranded in the office writing reports and punching numbers whilst the rest of the country enjoys the football. If you’re not one of the lucky few that get there afternoon off then you’ll need to follow these precautionary steps. Angle your monitor so passers-by can’t see what you’re up to, open a secret tab for the football and have last month’s expenses spreadsheet ready to cover your screen as soon you detect the slightest movement from your boss.

European Championship Cheat Sheet – Never Miss a Game Again

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