Bingo sponsorships in football

The online gambling industry over the last decade has become almost synonymous with football sponsorships as the gambling companies realise that it is one of the best ways to capture their target audience. As such, this has witnessed a considerable rise in the number of gambling companies sponsoring football entities including bingo companies. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable over the years.

Tombola shirt sponsorship of Sunderland AFC

In 2010, Niall Quinn’s Sunderland AFC received a major boost when it agreed an initial deal with Tombola to become its principal partner and shirt sponsor for two seasons, replacing fellow gambling company, BoyleSports. Even then, the company was considered one of the most exciting and innovative sites in the gambling industry, offering a wide range of bingo games to its players. It has since become arguably, the most popular bingo site in the UK and pays out in excess of £3 million in prize money to its players on a weekly basis, while you can also find a wide range of new bingo sites by clicking here and exploring all that is on offer.

This was also seen as a partnership that made complete sense, with the headquarters of Tombola being based in Sunderland, which is often a surprise to many people. The agreement meant that the ‘Tombola’ name would be emblazoned across the Sunderland shirt for all to see and considering that Sunderland AFC had one of the biggest home attendances every season, it was definitely a feather in the cap of Tombola.

At the time, Phil Cronin, chief executive of tombola said “Sponsoring Sunderland AFC is a fantastic opportunity for Tombola. With our own head office here in Sunderland we have been able to see the work that Niall [Quinn] and his team have done to transform the fortunes of the club. We’re really looking forward to working with Sunderland and we’re confident that this sponsorship will help us achieve our own ambitions.”

Granada Bingo Halls and Coventry City

Going back to the 1986 season, saw the hugely popular Granada Bingo company secure a two year sponsorship partnership with Coventry City FC at a time when the bingo industry was just starting to boom. The awareness that it raised across the country to a different demographic (male fans), helped the popularity of the game increase even further and as a result this was considered a successful partnership.


Undoubtedly, as the popularity of online bingo continues to increase, there is plenty of scope for the bingo industry to move even further into the football market, especially based on the success of Tombola’s partnership with Sunderland AFC.

Bingo sponsorships in football

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