Which are the best away days in Scottish football?

Debate rages over many questions in life. Which are the best away days in Scottish football might not quite be up there with the great ethical questions, but if you’re a fan then it’s certainly not a question to be sniffed at. The best approach will naturally be holistic- it will not look at the stadiums, the atmospheres or the fans alone but the whole experience, in particular the kind of accommodation you can get for a reasonable price when you’re away from home, as we all know how important that is.

#1 Ibrox Stadium

The first contender is Ibrox Stadium, which is said by many to be absolutely unbeatable. The tension in the air provided by Rangers fans might well have something to do with it, but the scale of the stadium itself must be an important factor too. Its capacity is over 50K and it easily qualifies as one of the UK’s biggest.

When it comes to making an overnight stay you’ve got a good range to pick from in Glasgow. Cheap and cheerful isn’t a problem here, but if you want to step it up then Sherbrooke Castle Hotel is only 0.8 miles from the stadium. It’s a luxurious kind of place with exquisite décor and beds that you’ll never want to get out of. Of course you needn’t let envy get the better of you- you can always check out Bedstar for a luxurious bed of your very own.

#2 Hearts

Our next contender is Tynecastle Park as there’s just a certain something about this place, isn’t there? Obviously it doesn’t have quite the grandeur of the Ibrox Stadium but size of course isn’t everything. Apart from anything else it’s in dear old Edinburgh. If you’re staying the night here then there are the likes of Travelodge at one end of the spectrum and places like The Rutland Hotel at the other. Edinburgh is the kind of city that tops all those lists of places that are deemed best for weekend getaways anyway, so not only are there plenty of lovely pubs to celebrate or commiserate in after the football; but there are all those amazing restaurants to try too which are guaranteed to really transform the experience.

#3 Motherwell

Last but not least in our little round-up is a choice that is somewhat underrated: Fir Park Stadium. Some might be surprised, but it’s all too easy to overlook this one as a great away day. There’s definitely a certain charm to be found here, and that goes for making a stay too. A great shout for your accommodation in this part of town is The Bentley Hotel. Not only is it only a mile away but it’s a historical building too. This offers the advantage of plenty of character that can be soaked up as you unwind after the game.

Of course these are just a few suggestions to get the debate going and the thoughts flowing. If we’re sure of one thing it’s that there are going to be some strong opinions on this one…

Which are the best away days in Scottish football?

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