A football punters guide to Matched Betting

Gambling is very much part of the British culture and government statistics report 21.57 million people have online gambling accounts. Sports betting accounts for over one third of online gambling in the UK of which football is the most popular sport to bet on.

As you can imagine, football punters are a major source of income for internet betting sites, responsible for approximately £450 million in online revenue between November 2014 and September 2015.

Live televised matches have been a major driver in football turnover and online bookmakers are competing for this lucrative business by incentivising potential customers with a variety of promotional offers. Bookmakers attract new customers by offering massive odds for big games as an alternative to standard free bet welcome offers. They hope to maintain customer loyalty with frequent bonuses and money back offers, many of these promotions available for televised games.

Most punters use these free bets and extra winnings to extend their betting, just as the betting sites intend. But, many don’t realise they are missing a gilt-edged opportunity to win by matched betting, a system that uses betting exchanges to guarantee a profit from free bets.

Matched betting uses a betting exchange to bet on both outcomes of an event. For example, bet on Liverpool to win with a bookmaker and Liverpool to lose on a betting exchange. You don’t win anything and you don’t lose either as both outcomes are covered. Use this system to qualify for a free bet and you will be able keep most of the value of the free bet with the same method. It’s a risk free way to make about £20 from a £25 free bet offer.

The key to making money from free bet offers is to find closely matched odds on the bookmaker’s website and betting exchange. A special calculator is used to work out the stakes which guarantee you make the same profit regardless of the result. For a modest monthly subscription, matched betting websites will provide these tools in addition to hundreds of suitable offers each week and guides explaining how to make a profit from each one. You can try it yourself at matchedbets.com which offers a free trial that should make £40 profit.

There are so many offers available people are using matched betting as a means to boost their regular income. Sign up for all the welcome offers and make anything from £500 – £700 in a couple of weeks and it’s fairly easy to make around £500 each month doing existing customer offers for 30 minutes a day.

Football punters should find it easy as they are familiar with betting and a lot of the offers are aimed at betting markets they play as a matter of routine. Free bets can be picked up for betting on match winners, goal scorers, correct scores and half time/full time result to name just a few and there are ingenious methods to make a profit from accumulators.

A football punters guide to Matched Betting

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