What resources can bettors use to inform their predictions?


Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or are ready to place your first stake, there are many factors you can consider before arriving at a decision. Some people bet based on team loyalty, while others go with the team they feel is currently doing best. However, there are a range of tools and resources available for those who want to make more of an informed decision on who to bet on. So, what materials exist to help bettors make their decision?

Seek out information

Websites that contain a substantial amount of analytical materials can be very useful for bettors when deciding where to place their wager. As a season progresses, stats will be gathered based on how players have performed and how a team is doing overall. As points are allocated and more data is amassed, these websites can be a good source of study as to which teams would be better bets statistically.

This is not unlike the old days of betting tipsters. With no insider information on the outcome of the game, match, or event that hasn’t yet happened, betting tipsters simply take as much information as possible to come to a logical conclusion about who might win. Tips on horses, for example, come from bypassing the spread of odds presented and studying the trainers, the horses’ past performances, and other pertinent information. Tipsters can also sometimes discover horses with huge potential who have been ignored by those who set the odds, due to the fact that they haven’t yet won.

Look for tools

Finding betting tools using modern technology is also growing in popularity, especially considering the huge potential of what this technology can do with big data. For example, the Beth betting tool combines state-of-the-art AI technology with the age-old techniques of helping bettors make predictions. Using artificial intelligence, this algorithm collates a vast amount of information in order to help people make quick and easy betting decisions.

AI technology and algorithms may be in their infancy, but the results found in Beth’s beta testing have shown greater accuracy in some cases than human comprehension. Generally, Al can take a variety of factors and use statistical programming to analyse them compared to one another. So, factors such as a player’s previous record, how well they play in certain weather conditions, the location of play, and rival’s records can all be amalgamated. This can provide a reasonable answer as to the outcome, which would be difficult to collate by hand without such technology.

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Check the odds

For those completely new to betting, the odds given by betting sites and sportsbooks can also indicate how a match may play out. Teams more likely to win are given lower odds. These odds are attained through robust evaluation of a variety of factors. Sometimes the outside chance does end up winning – surprising events happen fairly often in football – but smaller odds frequently return victors.

Alongside these odds sit betting calculators. These are tools that collect the information you input – such as who you might want to bet on and how much you’ll stake – and show you the pay outs for each scenario. Betting calculators can be useful for those who don’t want to sift through a lot of information, but just want the figures of likely winnings presented to them.

Some may still prefer to go with their instinct than a data-backed decision. But, for those who prefer making decisions through analysis and gathering information, there are many tools to take advantage of. While extraneous factors on the day could provide a different outcome, it can still help to have the pertinent facts.

What resources can bettors use to inform their predictions?

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