We’ve heard of the world’s best strikers, but who are considered the worst?

Some footballers who were once considered good strikers, never lived up to that reputation. Keep reading to see who is on our list of worst strikers!

Football strikers are expected to score well and lead their team to victory, especially in competitive events such as the Premier League.

While several goal scorers have made their mark in the event, many strikers failed to do so, earning the penchant for being the fans’ worst nightmare.

So we suggest for you to keep these players in mind, particularly if you want to put a wager in the hopes of winning a good stash of money. Additionally, if you’re based in an already highly regulated and rather restrictive jurisdiction like Australia, you also need to be sure which sportsbooks to place your bets with.

Here are six strikers who failed to meet expectations several times!


This Portuguese forward was expected to become the next Luis Nani or Cristiano Ronaldo. Bebe was bought by Manchester United in 2010 for £7.4 million to secure their position as league legends.

In the four years he played for Man United, Bebe was often down with injuries and failed to hold his own on the field.

Things were so bad that team owner Sir Alex Ferguson refused to acknowledge the player in an interview. Later, Bebe was shipped out of Old Trafford for good in 2014.

Jozy Altidore

Altidore possessed a glowing record of playing for the US National Team and the Toronto FC and was expected to deliver an encore in the Premier League.

Fans were confused by the player’s disappointing performance in the Premier League where he copped only two goals in over 70 games he had played for Hull City and Sunderland.

Altidore failed miserably at finding the back of the net. His inability to make the team build-up also accounted for him being one of the worst Premier League strikers yet.

Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll was enlisted by Liverpool to fill in the void left by Fernando Torres who was bought by Chelsea. Given his successful stint with Tyneside Club, it was natural for Liverpool to enlist the Englishman.

Contrary to expectations, Carroll scored only six goals over 44 matches he played for Liverpool and was passed on to West Ham as a result.

Since the 2012-13 season, Carroll has stuck with the team, scoring only 26 goals in over 102 matches. Despite the English media extolling the player’s star potential, Carroll failed to make his mark.

Konstantinos Mitroglou

Known for being a lethal forward, Mitroglou carried several expectations on his shoulders, all of which failed due to his numerous injuries. Mitroglou’s case resulted from a stroke of bad luck more than poor technique.

Due to his prolific reputation, Fulham got him on board to help them overcome frequent setbacks. The Greek player was unable to live up to his prior Olympiacos fame. Since then, this unfortunate striker has been passed over to teams on loan.

Vincent Janssen

Before Tottenham purchased him in 2016 for £17 million from AZ Alkmaar, Janssen was pitched as one of the best footballers.

However, things went downhill pretty quickly as Janssen was unable to adjust to the level of competition that the Premier League demanded.

With a poor record of six goals, four of which were penalties, Jannsen’s role in the team was reduced to a minimum. Thereafter, he was loaned to Fenerbahce in 2017 before moving permanently to Monterrey in 2018.

Roberto Soldado

Soldado had raised the bar at the beginning of his stint at Tottenham Hotspur. However, his dismal record of scoring four penalties in his first season and the failure to make any ripples in his second season prompted his exit from Tottenham.

The team had bought the Spaniard for a whopping £26 million in 2013. Unfortunately for Tottenham, the striker failed to achieve his form and was thus shipped off to Villarreal.

Is it a lack of talent or bad timing?

These strikers have shocked fans and clubs alike. However, it is not that these players lack talent, given their reputations before they hit the slump.

The inability to maintain their form and injuries can blight the most promising players. But these reasons do not excuse players’ consistently poor form as it hampers the game and their prospects.

We’ve heard of the world’s best strikers, but who are considered the worst?

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