West Ham star falls hook, line and sinker for Noble ruse

Camaraderie is hugely important in football, giving teams a vital edge against opposition that aren’t all on the same page.

With that in mind, West Ham United fans will be delighted to discover that key members of their squad are fostering a fantastic team spirit.

Hammers’ captain Mark Noble is well known for leading from the front and doing what he can to generate positivity around the squad.

The midfielder has recently showcased that ability perfectly after teaming up with Betway Soccer to prank teammate Declan Rice.

Noble set up a Candid Camera style ruse that left Rice in stitches, but not before he’d been tricked into thinking his Range Rover was going to be towed away.

Using the services of a fake parking enforcement officer, Noble fooled Rice into thinking he had parked his vehicle illegally outside a photoshoot for a FIFA 20 event.

Bogus parking signs and a wheel clamp added authenticity to the ruse, while the arrival of a tow truck was the icing on the cake.

Rice was completely hoodwinked by the elaborate plan and it would be no surprise to see him try and exact his revenge on Noble having been so expertly stitched up.

West Ham star falls hook, line and sinker for Noble ruse

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