Ways to bet on your favourite sports team

When it comes to placing bets on your favourite sports teams, there are a number of different ways you can do this. Placing sports bets is a great way to boost your adrenaline and you can be certain that you’ll be keeping up to date with all of your favourite sports teams and the league tables so you can keep up to date with your winnings. Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling, particularly when it comes to online, and there are a number of ways that you can do it.

Online Sports Betting vs. Offline Sports Betting

The growth in technology over the past few years has seen a huge switch in the number of people turning to online sports betting as opposed to heading to the sportsbooks. In fact, the UK Gambling Commission released statistics which showed that the total sports betting wagers were £9.518 billion with football generating the largest amount of remote gross gaming revenues at £449.44 million. Offline sports betting however, is generally the safer option for a lot of people to consider, because it’s what they already know. Nevertheless, a huge number of offline sports betting stores have been struggling to keep up with how quickly online sports betting has been growing, but there are still a huge number of options when it comes to placing bets on your favourite sports teams both online and offline.

Bitcoin Sportsbooks

One of the biggest technological break-throughs is the introduction of the Bitcoin as a form of digital currency. The Bitcoin is currently being dubbed as the future of currency, and the digital money form is an interesting step into the future. The Bitcoin is totally decentralised, and with an exceptionally secure make-up due to its cryptographic technology (the blockchain), it is quickly becoming a popular option for those looking to place bets online. There are a number of Bitcoin sportsbooks on the market, and they are becoming even more popular due to the various benefits of the Bitcoin, such as anonymity, fast transaction speeds and minimal fees. Bitcoin sportsbooks could be the next step for those looking to place bets on their favourite sports teams, and with the huge growth in value over the past few months, it’ll be no surprise to see this develop the online sports betting industry even further.

What Bets To Place

There are a huge number of wagers that you place on your favourite sports team, but the amount and the different terminology can be exceptionally confusing for new bettors. There are some wagers that are generally more complicated than others, so if you’re an inexperienced bettor then you may want to consider sticking to the simpler options. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to make more money out of the bets you’re looking to place, then the more advanced options are generally the best ways to go – although it is important that you learn the ins and outs of these before you start.

Firstly, the simplest of bets is the win bet or moneyline bet. This is used in every sport that you can image, and all you have to do is wager on the person or team that you think is going to win that particular match or event. When it comes to odds on the win bet or moneyline bet, it will depend on your chances of winning. If you’re backing the favourite, then your odds will be a lot lower. If the person/team you’ve placed your bet on wins, then you win, if they don’t – then you lose too.

Straight bets/the point spread on the other hand are very similar to the win bet, but a point spread is used to help make the two teams equal favourites. This means that you either back the favourite, or back the underdog and win or lose by no more than the size of the spread. This is called handicap betting in the UK.

Totals betting and over/under betting are becoming exceptionally popular, particularly in recent years, and these can be found across a wide variety of sports. The site will set an amount of goals/points/runs/jumps etc. that they believe will happen in the sport or event you are watching, and all you have to do is guess whether the actual amount will be higher or lower than the one estimated by the site.

Specials or proposition bets are considered fun, but they can be quite complicated and so are generally left to the more experienced bettors. Essentially, they are wagers on things that will not make an impact on the final outcome of the event such as the first team to score in a football match. There are thousands of special or proposition bets that you may be able to find on a range of sports betting sites, making it a great option if you’re looking for a bit of variety when you’re placing your bets.

Outrights/Future bets are used for wagers when it comes to choosing who is going to win in a specific tournament, league or competition, but these are generally placed before the event even starts. This is why they can be known as ‘future bets’.

Accumulators or parlays can return very good winnings, but these are generally harder to get right because the chances of picking the winner for 5 or more football matches correctly is extremely difficult. If you get all of the results right then you win, if you get one wrong, then you will lose.

Ways to bet on your favourite sports team

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