The top 10 rivalries in world football!

Rivalry is necessary for football, because it’s necessary for competition. It can also help represent the rivalry between cities in general, or as we will see, the separation of identities, religion, and even social class. The best way to indulge a rivalry is by getting stuck in the best UK betting sites to make them even more exciting.

Below is a list of the top 10 football rivalries.

Lazio vs Roma

Lazio vs Roma is perhaps the biggest fixture in Italian football. The Derby della Capitale has both teams playing at home – that’s right, both clubs call the Stadio Olimpico their home pitch. Each half of the stadium is claimed to be “theirs” by both sides.

Celtic vs Rangers

There’s hardly a more bitter rivalry than between these two Glaswegian teams. Separated by religion, the Old Firm remains an important game of the season – often because these are the only two teams that have a chance of winning the league.

Boca vs River Plate

Argentinian football may not be watched as much as some European leagues, but this makes it all the more impressive when this is dubbed to be the biggest rivalry in the world. Both Buenos Aires teams share a mutual dislike for one another, with the stadium being nothing short of spectacular when the whilst goes. 

Olympiacos vs Panathinaikos

This fixture is undoubtedly the biggest match in Greek football. The “Derby of the Eternal Enemies” somewhat sums up this fixture, and it even has its roots in politics. Whilst both being Athenian, Olympiacos has closer ties to the working class, whilst Panathinaikos has its ties with the upper and middle-class side of Athens.

Manchester United vs Liverpool

You may have assumed United vs City or Liverpool vs Everton were the bigger derbies, seeing as they’re neighbors. However, United vs Liverpool is also a local derby, being 30 miles apart, with both towns having a general rivalry in other areas. However, this fixture is also historically important, as both clubs are the two most successful English teams.

Benfica vs Porto

Portugal loves its football, and there’s no better Portuguese derby than Benfica vs Porto. This is a north/south rivalry, and there has unfortunately been a history of violence in these clashes – there have even been convictions of match-fixing.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

El Clásico may just be the most-watched rivalry – or often the most eagerly anticipated. This is because these have historically been two of the most successful teams in the world. If we head back to the 2010s, the winner of these derby games was essentially synonymous with being the best team in the world.

Red Star Belgrade vs Partizan

Unfortunately, hooliganism is still thriving in Belgrade, making this derby an ugly, bitter clash with high tensions. This may be one to skip as a tourist, with tons of riot police dominating the area, but it can be an exciting fixture to watch.

Galatasary vs Fenerbahce

Again, these are the two top teams in Turkey, which always makes for a great rivalry due to its importance in league position. Both teams are based in the same city, but they represent different continents. Fenerbahce is associated with the working class, with their stadium on the Asian side of the city, whilst Galatasary has its supporters based on the European side.

AC Milan vs Inter

Like the other Italian derby, these two share a stadium with both calling it their home pitch. It’s also very interesting to see the allocation of fans, because given that this is both their home stadium, they must share the fan allocation evenly. This makes for a unique atmosphere, unlike other stadiums in which the away fans only get 5-20% of the ticket allocation.

The top 10 rivalries in world football!

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