The 5 World Cup games with the most goals

The FIFA World Cup is without question the pinnacle of the game, a tournament steeped in history where legends are made and superstars are born. For the victors go the spoils as they are etched into the record books, while at the same time there are some records that will want to be forgotten.

Particularly records that come in the shape of very heavy defeats and with that in mind here are the five World Cup games with the most goals.

Hungary 10 – 1 El Salvador 1982

It is more than likely that El Salvador will have this record attached to them for the rest of time, as no team that qualifies for the World Cup finals will ever be as poor as the side that represented the Central American nation in 1982.

They conceded double figures against a Hungary side that was not a patch on the team that made the 1954 final. The Hungarians may not have had the legendary Ferenc Puskas in their side, but they did have László Kiss who scored a hat-trick in just seven second half minutes.

Yugoslavia 9 – 0 Zaire 1974

The second highest goal haul in the World Cup comes courtesy of a nation that no longer exists, then again, their opposition doesn’t either as Yugoslavia showed no mercy against what can only be described as an incredibly naïve Zaire.

The Balkan nation put an astonishing nine goals past their African counterparts as no fewer than seven different players got their names on the scoresheet, Dušan Bajević getting the lion’s share and the match ball as he earned himself a hat-trick.

Germany 8 – 0 Saudi Arabia 2002

A three-way tie for our third entry on the list. First up the eventual runners up Germany made incredibly light work of a hapless Saudi Arabia when the World Cup was hosted in Asia for the first time.

Miroslav Klose was the hero of the hour as he chipped in with a hat-trick, but it was certainly a team effort that day as five other German starts also managed to find the back of the net. For all their dominance in this fixture, they eventually came up short against a Ronaldo-led Brazil in the final.

Uruguay 8 – 0 Bolivia 1950

Second up in our three-way tie is Uruguay in 1950. This was the year that the South American nation won their second World Cup tournament as they eventually got the better of hosts Brazil at the Maracanã.

Before that though they made incredibly light work of another form of opposition from their own continent. That came in the way of Bolivia who shipped eight goals in what was the only fixture to be staged in Group 4, one that Uruguay quite obviously topped.

Sweden 8 – 0 Cuba 1938

And the third in our three-way tie is Sweden. The 1938 edition of the tournament was played in a straight knockout format, one that saw both Sweden and Cuba advance after winning their opening games of the competition. However, Cuba’s next outing would be their most recent World Cup appearance to date.

And it would turn out to be an emphatic defeat as the Latin American nation were heavily beaten by an awe-inspiring Swedish outfit. Harry Andersson earned the bulk of the plaudits for Sweden as he scored a trio of goals to lead them to the Semi-finals.

Germany 7 – 1 Brazil 2014

A large majority of the games in this list are ones that have been played in the early rounds of the World Cup, so you can imagine the shock that set in around the globe when Germany demolished Brazil in the semi-finals four years ago. According a specialized website, fredpromocode, it is one of the biggest surprises in World Cup history.

The world’s main football party become more akin to a funeral as the host Brazil side were torn apart by a ruthless German outfit. Joachim Low’s men raced into a five-nil lead within the first half hour and although they showed a small amount of mercy after the break, this was nothing short a drubbing.

Portugal 7 – 0 North Korea 2010

North Korea returned to the World Cup after a 24 year hiatus in 2010 and it is fair to say that this side did not live up to the famous side that beat Italy back in 1966. There were tears before the game when the Korean national anthem played and there would have been tears after as well.

This was due to a Portuguese side that run riot in South Africa thanks to an unanswered seven goal haul. As always the focus was on the iconic Cristiano Ronaldo, although the former Real Madrid only scored the once as he netted the game’s final goal with a minute remaining. Many people using ladpromocode were very happy of how this game ended!

The 5 World Cup games with the most goals

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