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2018 World Cup in Russia: stonewall defences

Over the many decades that the greatest sporting event in the world has taken place, a common trend has developed among the champions: the deployment of a stern defence. Germany and Italy have each won the World Cup four times, often built upon a staunch back line. Despite the praise often going to the flair-filled attackers, many of Brazil’s five World Cup wins have come from strong defending that allows the forwards to express themselves. So now, with the 21st World…
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Could an African team win the 2018 World Cup?

Whilst African presence at the FIFA World Cup has been marked by increasing success over the years, on paper it looks unlikely the 2018 World Cup will see African sides improve on past performances. However, the capacity for African sides, including this tournament’s participants, to defy the odds should never be underestimated. Africa’s participation in the FIFA World Cup began with Egypt’s participation in the 1934 World Cup but no African side took part in any further tournaments until 1970.…
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