Rich list of Brazil

Brazil is an extremely successful sports country in the likes of MMA and football. With this being said there success in football nationally is unprecedented as they are the most successful national team in the history of the World Cup. They have been successful on 5 different occasions that started in 1958 and the most recent in 2002. Brazil placed fourth at the most recent championships back in 2014.

To further back this up they have earned a runner up spot, third place and fourth place finishes on two separate occasions throughout their world cup history. With their talent in abundance it is no surprise that many of their top talent have played and become some of the superstars for the top teams around Europe. A prime example being Ronaldo who will without a doubt go down as one of the top strikers in the history of the game.

Ronaldo is a two time World Cup winner and scored a staggering 62 goals for Brazil in just 98 international matches. He had a fantastic career at club level that included major success at Real Madrid. Through his amazing career he made a staggering amount of money that reached R$470 million. You can now have your own football betting on the national team or on many of the top football games around the world. Check out the infographic below to see who the wealthiest Brazilian sportsmen are.

Rich list of Brazil

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