Premier League history’s top two ‘Where were you’ moments!

Crazy controversies, magical goals and thrilling final moments, Premier league has witnessed all these in its illustrious history so far. Ever since the top-flight football tournament of UK was rebranded during the early 90s, English Premier League has evolved into the biggest sporting spectacle of the world.

Not only is the league ardently followed by hundreds of thousands of football fans all over the world, a great multitude of punters can be seen betting on soccer markets offered for every match of the league. Furthermore, the tournament is full of iconic incidents that have been etched into the game’s folklore! Here in this short article we’ll take you over couple of such ‘Where Were You’ moments in the history of the league.

Leicester City winning the Premier League title in 2016

Who doesn’t love an underdog?! There are few stories in the professional sports history as miraculous as the Leicester City doing the impossible in the 2015/16 edition of the English Premier League.

Having pulled off one of the greatest escapes by narrowly avoiding relegation in the previous EPL season, Leicester City were actually predicted to get relegated in 2016. The fact that they were at odds of 5000 – 1 to win the Premier League title says a lot about the kind of feat they accomplished.

Although we cannot pinpoint one specific moment of the entire surreal season for Leicester, the presentation ceremony in which they were handed the Premier League title reminds everyone that nothing is impossible in this world. Staying unbeaten in the tournament after their Valentine’s Day defeat at the hands of Arsenal, Leicester City were crowned champions after Tottenham went down to Chelsea in May 2016. The foxes sent shock waves into the football world by winning their first-ever league title in the 132 year history of the club.

Aguero wins the EPL title for Manchester City in 2012

Counted amongst the most iconic moments in the English Premier League’s history is how Aguero snatched the title for the club in 2012.

Manchester City had for long been living in the shadows of Manchester United, but were catapulted into Premier League’s elite after Sheikh Mansour took over the club in 2008. They were involved in a bitter race with Man United for the title in the 2011/12 season, striving till the end, to conclude their 44 year-long wait to win a top league. Playing their final fixture at home against a much weaker QPR, City were confident that a win would be good enough to bag the Championship. However, things didn’t go as planned and what resulted was the most dramatic finish in the history of Premier League.

A fortuitous goal from Pablo Zabaleta put City ahead, but QPR fought back with goals from Jamie Machie and Djibril Cisse. Regardless of Joey Barton’s red card, City was still one goal down. Edin Dzeko scored City’s second goal 2 minutes into the stoppage time. By this time, Wayne Rooney had secured a 1-0 win for Man United over Sunderland and the title looked to be heading towards Old Trafford. However, with only seconds remaining in the stoppage time, Aguero scored the winning goal for Man City, assisted by Mario Balotelli and the Etihad erupted into scenes of wild celebration.

Premier League history’s top two ‘Where were you’ moments!

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