Online sports betting’s growth in the U.S. is extraordinary

The pandemic was brutal for sports fans and took its toll on those who enjoy betting on major competitions. The manner in which sports were organized and matches took place in 2020 was disheartening for those who enjoy this type of entertainment. Americans were twice as frustrated, because they are still waiting for lawmakers to legalize this popular pastime. While progress is made in this direction, the popularity of sports betting is growing at a much faster pace nationwide.

In the Supreme Court they trust

Punters were hoping that the US Supreme Court will reverse the restrictions imposed under the UIGEA. The hope was that a new ruling would give power back to the states to legalize sports betting if they deem it necessary. That’s precisely what the highest judiciary institution in the United States did and its ruling still reverberates across the nation. Many states decided to change their attitude towards gambling in the wake of this ruling and came up with gambling bills aimed at legalizing this activity.

Governors and lawmakers have been frustrated for many years by the prospect of money being leaked beyond state borders. Due to the fact that sports betting is illegal in many states, local punters chose “offshore bookmakers” according to the U.S sports betting comparison website The result is a constant and significant bleeding of money to operators who don’t pay any taxes and are not licensed to supply US residents with gaming options. In order to stem the loss, some lawmakers are trying to create the legal context for players to enjoy fun and legal sports betting.

The fact that Americans have always found a way to enjoy sports betting even in the absence of a legal context, speaks for itself. Lawmakers are simply acting on this reality and try to provide them with a legal alternative. Enforcing the ban has always been difficult and experience proves us beyond reasonable doubt that the attempts were largely unsuccessful. This reverse of attitude comes late but it is totally necessary and actually has a positive impact.

Convenient sports betting drives its popularity

The main reason why sports betting is gaining so much traction in the US is the fact that it is so convenient. You can bet on sports from the comfort of your home, using a computer, to bet live at pregame. The advent of mobile devices further increased the fun factor, while making sports betting even easier. Now you don’t even have to be in front of a computer to bet on your favorite team. Players can watch the games from the stands and place a bet or enjoy a live stream wherever they are.

The number of betting markets is significantly higher online, so veteran punters enjoy more options over the Internet. Bonuses, special promotions and other exclusive deals provide even more incentives for players who try online sports betting. Once the legal context will be created the Internet sports betting in the US will surely come online and a new chapter will open for American punters.

Online sports betting’s growth in the U.S. is extraordinary

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