Online betting: getting winning results and accumulator 5+ wins

It’s a funny old game isn’t it?” the Jimmy Greaves quote that must ring in the ears of every football fan morning a loss and a failed acca because that one result that was a certainty let you down. These words must be used as a mantra when betting on football.

No matter your origin or online casino UK, German or Spanish the rules apply that sports betting is never 100% predictable whether it’s a fulltime results, goals scored, who scored, all these different bets you can get from online casinos. So let’s look at how we make it happen.

If you put a beat on every top two teams in the top 7 leagues around the current European leagues to have yourself a healthy looking 14 game accumulator, but it won’t come in. If it did bookies would be bankrupt come Sunday evening.

So how should we approach what seems to be a very tricky task? The answer is to build your knowledge of other leagues.

Knowing your own team’s league will not be enough for you to get by and let us just add, if you’re looking to bet with 2 figure returns then you must be doing something drastically wrong to not land a 5+ accumulator with less than 100 return.

By branching out into other leagues you’ll find that picking the right accumulator brings in results.

We all need to be looking at leagues with consistency, even if that means branching out into the Japanese league, Australian leagues and so on.

Building a reliable accumulator begins with knowing which teams are in form, currently Manchester City are unbeaten in the Premier League, Napili lost once in 17 matches thus far, Bayern Munchen lost 2 of 17 Both Barcelona and Athletic Madrid have yet to suffer a loss in 16 games, PSV 2 in 20, PSG 1 in 18, Plzen 0 in 16 and so on. There are consistent teams to add to an accumulator and bolster the returns.

Making the right selection of teams

Tips for picking the right selection and what to avoid.

Despite Napoli having a good run this season, the Italian Serie A has always been a calamity of errors, now whether this comes down to corruption and Mafia intrusion it’s best avoided picking teams from this league, even if it came to other teams like Juventus and Roma.

The Scottish leagues are a good hunting ground for games, the Scottish Premier League has for years been dominated by 1 club Celtic, defeated only once this year their dips seem to coincide with the Champions League games. So now is a good time to pick them with the winter break.

Avoid all games in the English Championship, by far the hardest league when 3 points can cover a range of 5,6 even 7 positions, this is the most difficult to predict. Currently, Wolves have a loss of 3 in 22 but with the packed schedule this league has, draws will come as the pressure and games grow.

The French Ligue 1 is usually tied up come February, PSG tend to underperform if they advance more in the Championship, a sneaky loss for them against a high positioned team will do wonders for an acca, especially in early cup games.

The Japanese football league is kindly consistent, if you do bad, you’ll remain bad. For now, the league has broken for winter.

Australian team Sydney FC 1 loss in 11 only 1 draw a great addition to any acca for a boost.

Find teams that hold solid records, pick 5, then within your acca select 2 or three teams carrying 2 or 3/1 odds that are away from home but have a better form record than the home team.

These little tricks will give you 7, 8 even 9 game accumulators with high returning odds that are far more better than just picking teams which are higher in the league than their rivals at the time.

Online betting: getting winning results and accumulator 5+ wins

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